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Hot air balloon

Larry watching the new television

Hills in Palm Desert

Great clouds!

It's raining over there!

Rock formations spring up in the middle of everything

Full moon from our campsite

Wind farm

You'd think...

the electricity...

would be cheaper here!

Why doesn't she have more clothes on?

Not what we expected from the "south".

The outside temperature

Coming down the mountain - the road shows at the bottom

Beautiful colours

A house on the side of the mountain

Black-necked Stilt - 380 bird species have been recorded at the Salton...

Salton Sea

Salton Sea - at Salton City

Salton Sea

Dead fish at the side of the Salton Sea - caused from...

Black-crested night heron

Lemons from our neighbours' tree.

First BBQ in over a month

Steak & Lobster!

Looking toward Palm Springs from Desert Hot Springs - dust storm

Dust storm

Dust storm

Canadian visitor to the campground

Remember that fake fir tree in Vegas? These are more fake cell...

An update on the boys: Aaron had his eyes lasered on January 16 which was successful. Starting February 11, he will be self-employed delivering furniture under contract for Pebble Creek Furniture. He has incorporated a company called Ocean Surf Transport Ltd. They have a store at Elgin Corners (32nd and 140th) in South Surrey and apparently 6 other stores in the lower mainland so he will be busy. Aaron has cancelled his trip to Thailand for now and will be looking for a new place to live as well. Kelly has a badly herniated disc in his back and surgery is definitely an option right now. He will be moving to the cottage in Sechelt the end of February and will take the real estate course on-line while he is there.

We're having a lovely time in Indio. However, the weather is still not what we expected. During the day it's 55 to 60 degrees F and in the sun about 75 degrees F. Apparently it is 15F lower than usual. There has been some rain and wind as well. We've only BBQ'd twice and not eaten outside because it's quite cold at night. Anyway we're not really whining - because all of you have it much worse. We sympathize!

One of the first side trips we HAD to make was to Redlands to find a BevMo store to get the rum Larry likes. We did a circular route in the car - up to Redlands (which is north towards Riverside) and then back down through Hemet and then over the mountains back to here. In the mountains is where we found the snow at 4900 feet and some spectacular views. It's a crazy, switch-back filled route down the mountains to the valley.

We went to Costco a few days after we arrived and purchased a HD LCD TV so that we could watch TV outside in the sunshine. We also had a window shade company who works right at your coach put outside shades on 10 of the windows in our coach. This protects 90% of UV Rays thus keeping the heat out and not allow people to see inside the coach during the day. It's so cool out at nights that we had to get a table top propane heater so that we can sit outside under the stars.

The next day trip we made from here was to the Salton Sea. It is an amazing natural wonder and is on the Pacific Flyway for birds. Over 380 varieties have been seen here. Unfortunately we have been unable to get a photo of a white pelican yet because we could not get close enough. The Sea is 35 miles long and 15 miles long at its widest point. It is slightly saltier than the Pacific Ocean. It is in danger because the water level is low and the rivers that flow into it are filled with agricultural runoff (fertilizers). It is becoming saltier all the time and this will make it impossible for birds who rely on fish for their diet (pelicans, herons) to continue to visit here. It is a fascinating place and well worth looking up information about it on the Internet (Wikipedia is good). This was also a circle route down to Brawley and then up the West side of the lake.

Friends from White Rock arrived on Friday - Jim and Ingrid (Jim is the former Executive Director of the WR/SS Chamber of Commerce). They are staying for two months.

It's very windy here on Superbowl Sunday. We went to the clubhouse for the Party. There were free margheritas, free beer and free BBQ chicken dinner. It was sponsored by Country Coach RV Manufacturing and Beaudry RV. There were probably 300 people there. A disappointing game for some but very exciting at the end.

Country Coach had two of their Prevost conversions on display. One was a 2007 - 45' with an MSRP of $1.4 million dollars and the other was a 45' - 2009 with an MSRP of $1.6 million dollars and they only have two slides. You gotta be pretty hoity toity to own one of these.

Talk to you soon.

Larry and Maureen

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