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This is in Rajastan -- it could be on the prairie. Mustard...

Pride -- my son is beautiful.

Barb was a guest in our hotel -- travelling with a group,...

This is the beautiful side of this land -- fertile and peaceful...

Our room was at the top of this part of the building...

A beautiful place to watch the sunset.

I contacted my friend in India, Dilip Pewar, and he asked a travel agent to arrange our hotels and travel. When we arrived in Delhi, we were met at the airport, we were transferred to a beautiful hotel, and we had English speaking guides for the two of us only, at each place we visited. We were treated with respect, people honored our space, and we learned how to deal with the challenges of daily life while living in a protected environment.

Our driver, Baldev, picked us up at our hotel, and we spent 5 days with him. He spoke some English, and took us places that were safe.

This first village was off the main road, and was an amazing introduction to life here -- no pavement, people everywhere talking, walking, negotiating, getting their haircut, and washing their cows. As with many places, I could not take pictures, because of issues of respect and safety.

We went up to the hotel, and it was an island of beauty above the village. We could have sat there for days, watching the lives of other people from our perch on the hill, much as the Maharani's (Maharaja's womenfolk) must have done in the past.

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