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The main drag on Langkawi - reminded me kind of like Florida,...

Ann, Nick and Joe, who managed our hostel, ran tours, and also...

It was a bit of a detour off of our original plans, but that's travel, right? We took a short ferry ride over to Malaysia, and the duty free island of Langkawi. While we won't be indulging in the duty-free splendour of perfumes and watches, we may use it as an opportunity to restock, and update our website.

I know you've all been sitting at home, waiting patiently for at least one photo of a beach, or even a gecko. We'll try and oblige.

After two days here, we'll be heading on to the Cameron Highlands in central Malaysia, for a needed break from the heat and humidity in the tea plantations.

Oh, and a huge shout out to the crew at TigerLineTravel (who ran the ferry and bus) and the Delta Motel in Langkawi. They helped a lot to make sure that the potential disaster of losing our shoulder bag (not a man-purse), which included our camera, didn't happen. Meaning that we'll soon be able to post some photos. And, almost losing the bag meant that I got to check out a much better room at the same hostel (the Delta guesthouse), which cost even less and was open, so even almost leaving the shoulder bag in the bus turned out to be worthwhile.

New Canadian Friends we met on the Road - Kyla writing

While in Europe we met only three Canadians - Erica and Melissa from Calgary (so missing you ladies!) during our time in Turkey and Brady from the Prairies, during our time in Cesky Krumlov. For whatever reason we hit the cool, Canadian traveler jackpot in Thailand. First we met Jason and Kim, actors from Toronto at our guesthouse in Bangkok. We agreed to exchange travel tips in the future on account of our visiting the same places, but at very different times.

At our stay in Ko Lanta, I believe it was only us 5 Canadians who were staying at the small guesthouse the week we were there. What an exciting crew we were - 2 fire fighters from Vancouver, a film set manager from Montreal and... well... us two public servants from Ottawa.

Nils aka the Man of Extremes lived a life of heavy coffee, tobacco and beverage, consumption. We would get up in the mornings, me thinking about my first cup of coffee, to join Nils at the French Baker for his 4th cup of coffee! He put my coffee addiction to shame.

Nils took care of the group with his great negotiating skills - always getting us the best deal in town. For our night at the Thai boxing we watched farang after farang hand over 900 baht for the entrance while Nils continued to work out our entrance price. Everyone else paid full price but our group, paid 600 baht and we got good seat to boot! I will forever consider any haggling as pulling a "Nilsinator". Just after a week on Ko Lanta, Nils bid us "goodbye" as his travel time had come to an end. I was somewhat thankful knowing I couldn't keep up with much more of the Nils lifstyle :)

Part two of the fire crew was Glen. Glen is by far the most laid back person I have ever met. So laid back we had to say our farewells quickly on Ko Lipe instead of in Malaysia on account of a overextended Thai visa and Glen's inability to leave the country via ferry. Our two weeks with Glen was nothing but good times. The shaved head, big muscle guy made friends with everyone on the beach and always had a joke or trick up his sleeve. And he had a childlike excitement in learning to use the plastic "spinny-things" - ultimately making his way to the fire ones and impressing the crowds with his new talent. There will be a day Glen when we meet up in Stanley Park and put on a show - just call in a favour from the fire department so we don't have to get a permit!

And finally Anne. Anne the veteran traveler - at the ripe old age of 27! A women with no fear of any kind (those wild beach dogs were scary on occassion), having traveled alone for three months at a time throughout South America (including Columbia!), and Asia. With so many exciting travel stories I swear our time abroad has been like a trip to Disneyland! Anne's enthusiasm for anything new was infectious. "You never try, you never know!", "ya , ya" (at the suggestion of anything), "where's the party tonight?", "is that your best price"... Anne spent her week in Ko Lipe without footwear and even crossed the border into Malaysia barefoot (mind you covered with a long sleeve shirt and with pants on in order to respect the Muslim culture). Anne you truly are my travel role model. Thanks for the messy intro to buckets, your encouragement that we take in the three week trek in Nepal, and the assurance that our paths will cross again!

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