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Bayleigh on his birthday #1

Bayleigh on his birthday #2

Freaky night shot of a little betong

A betong feeding

Two little owls

Alice in Wonderland sand sculpture

Red Riding Hood sand sculpture

Jack and the Beanstalk sand sculpture

Humpty Dumpty and other Rhymes sand sculpture

Gulliver's Travels sand sculpture

Wizard of Oz sand sculpture

Alice in Wonderland sand sculpture, another scene

Eamonn and Samantha at William Ricketts Sanctuary

William Ricketts Sanctuary #1

William Ricketts Sanctuary #2

William Ricketts Sanctuary #3

William Ricketts Sanctuary #4

We arrived back to Melbourne today and headed out to little Will's 1st birthday party.

That evening we headed out to Moonlight Sanctuary for a night walk by torchlight. This was a lot of fun. The tour lasted about an hour and a half and we got to see tons of wallabies, pademelons, betons and birds up close and we got to feed them by hand. We also got to see lots of possums, gliders and other marsupials in enclosures. It was a good evening and very atmospheric going around by torch light.

In the morning we stopped in Frankston to see the sand sculpting on display. There were about 10 displays themed on fairy tales and kids stories. They were really impressive. The size, variety and detail shown was amazing.

From here we headed to the Dandenongs to stay in Glen Harrow historical cottages. We had a really quaint cottage to ourselves and the setting was in the forest and very quiet and peaceful. We headed to the William Ricketts Sanctuary which is a park area that is like a garden with a lot of sculptures in almost growing from the ground. The general theme of all these is that white Australians and Aboriginal people are all one with the land. It was an interesting place and very pretty and tranquil.

We decided to head back in to the city to make it easier to visit some other people before we leave.

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