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Today Sandy and I decided to things away from the group. Most of the excursions planned are adventure ones and the nature ones..which are great...but I really wanted to do this coffee tour and Sandy wanted to do a cheese factory tour and then we would fill the rest of our day just chilling. At 9am we head to the Mondeverde Cheese Factory. Actually founded by quakers who were escaping the war draft in the United States in 1948. They came to Costa Rica as Canada was to cold and in Mexico you had to be a Mexican citizen to own land. They built and founded the cheese factory. It was really cool. We got to see how the milk is brought in from surrounding farms to the factory, how it is tested before going thru the making process then it is made into different cheeses then we go to taste it! OMG the best cheese ever. Because the cows aren't fed hormones or antibiotics, the cheese literally melts in your mouth. It is sooooo creamy! We loved this. THey also make ice cream that is amazing!!!! I had coconut and it actually had shredded coconut in it!!!!

After this we went to an orchid farm. It has the most types of orchids that are grown in costa rica. Mainly because of the alitude and the climate the main orchids are located in Monteverde. We got tons of pictures. I totally thought of you Ron as I'm walking thru this lush, orchid filled area. While Feb/March are typically the main growing seasons, we still saw TONS!!!

After lunch we meet with Issac who has lined up a coffee tour for us. But he says its more than that. Boy is it EVER. On this plantation, family owned and operated...they have 3 different kinds of sugar cane that they process, coffee, bananas and plantations that they grow. Along with papayas, a full vegtable garden and other things. It is amazing to see a farm literally grow and use everything and then turn it back into the earth. Here we get to see how they pick, shell, dry and roast the beans then taste the luscious coffee. We also get to see how they process the sugarcane and we actually get ot make our own sugar cane candy!!!! This was amazing!!!

We took a cabillion pics here so we will add them in probably when we get home.

Tomorrow we leave "the windy city" as I call it and we are off to the beach for Thursday and Friday before returning to San Jose Saturday afternoon then home Sunday. It's going by quickly but I'm ready for some beach and do nothing time and I think Sandy is too. I must run and save this before my INternet time wears out. It's almost 8pm and we need dinner!

Love you all

K and S

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