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Tuesday Morning up nice early we head out of La Fortuna to meet a boat to take us and our luggage off to Monteverde. Across the river is where we will meet our horses. I am dreading this experience..but this trip isn't about avoiding the horses it's about gettin on that horse and riding into the sunset...or not dying. We greet the Caballeros (cowboys) who start pairing off the horses to people. One guy in our group is about 6'5 and 230lbs and will not be able to go on the horses cuz I don't know if you have seen Costa Rican horses lately...but they aren't very tall. Kinda like Costa Ricans. And one lady is pregnant and can't go either...damn their luck! As people start getting paired I of couse have to pee...damn me being my mother's daughter. And guess where my bathroom is??? Yep you guessed it the forest. I need to pee....in..the forest. Which no not as smelly as outhouses..but still not my desired form of restrooms. To spare you all the gorey details....it was not pretty and I really need to practice my "forest peeing tecnique". It was messy. Anywho..back now to the horses...and talk about that feeling you get being picked last for dodgeball....no???...just me??? Anyway'I'm the last one matched up with a horse. Sandy has been already on his for a while. Looking like a pro as usual. His horse is "Dorado" (Gold) I get matched with "Capitan" (Captain pronounced Cap-eee-tan). So Capitan and I have a little chat about how I'm sure he isn't a fan of touristas day in and out...but today is NOT the day to decide to go off the beaten path and run into the woods even if there are coffee bean trees up there. For the most part, Capitan is awesome. He is a good follow horse and isn't into doin his own thing much. I was also holding the reins really tight so he didn't have a lotta places to go. We did trot a bit..but not for long. Sandy was always quite ahead of me but he was running for a bit and doin silly things like that. But he had a great time! This really was an amazing way to see the countryside which was breathtaking!! We stopped for water and sweet sweet pinapple. Then back on for another 45mins. The whole time on horse back was about 2hours. I think we did pretty good if I do say so myself. Capitan was a Star. We group up and go pee in bathrooms this time and off now into vans and off to our hotel. Tho I heard mention of stopping for lunch before that which is a good idea because we havne't eatin since 7am and it's now 1ish. We pile into 2 vans with our luggage. Apparently on this side of the mountain there is no paved roads. So gravel it is..in our non air conditioned vans. And it's not an exageration to say that our our road is ALLLLL the way up. I am getting nauses just re-explaining this. It was nothing short of horrendous. The pregnant lady was shaking for a good 30mins after the ride was over. I came ever so close to puking up pineapple. But apparently this is a place not to many people get to unless you hire a bus or are with a tour. Because there are no road signs to tell you what gravel road to keep going on. They pass soooo closely on these roads its a miracle we didn't topple over the mountain! We get onto the first paved road in an hour in a town "Santa Elana" Then off of that back onto gravel but only for 2mins to our hotel. Our hotel is beautiful and very clean again no bugs. I'll stay! And did you notice that I never mentioned us stopping for lunch??? Thats because we didn't. It is now like 3:30 and we are all FAMISHED...and I think I even screamed "FAMINE" just for Mom and LJ so next time I can use it in scatagories:P We decide to go over our plan for the next day over lunch!!!! Sandy and I opt out of the repelling choice for Wednesday..once was plenty and also out of the nature walk. That night I take a shower because we are all soooooo dusty from the gravel and dust. Oh did I mention the Gale force winds up on this mountain????? Like INSANE, Like makes a Texas Tornado look mild. You walk up or down the hill and are literally moved by this wind. And it's a chilly wind. This town and place is gorgeous but the wind drives ya crazy!!! Anyway I take a cold shower and I get...HOT water...I believe I havent mentioned up to this time in San Jose and La Fortuna there has been NO hot water. Maybe a little jinx of luke warm for 5 seconds..but no this lasts ALLL shower long. I am thrilled and clean and we read and retire early!

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