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Magdalena Church

Carrying Christopher Columbus´ tomb

Another view of Columbus´s tomb..

Inside the cathedral garden

View of the Cathedral tower

What´s a church without me in it?

I told all the tourists to clear out.. so i can take...

From the tower of the cathedral.. long walk up, i tell u

The cathedral actually was a mosque until it was changed in 13th...

Sevilla in a nutshell

I would have gone deaf - had the bells rang

Last pic from the cathedral tower

Hola again,

I arrived in Seville. I took a taxi to go to the hostel. No rooms available. So, I checked into a hotel. This place has no heat and the room is very cold. So, I turned on the hot shower to warm it up a little and get it ready for a nice shower. It worked. Room became a sauna and I strip teased my clothes off to a nice tune I made myself and got in the shower... Oh yeah, time to relax and enjoy a hot shower.... Hold on.. Where did that hot water goooooo?? Water was becoming colder and colder by the second. The hotel is old and the hot water is stored for each room. If you use that water, it becomes cold. With my bare ass in the shower and cold water running - my ass began to shiver. But, I really wanted to take a shower. Well, I did.. and all the steam in the room was gone by that time. The room was freezing cold. I mean it was really cold. Cold shower and cold room, I dove in the bed trembling.

After couple of hours of nap, I woke up. I put three layers on (all the shirts I brought), sweater and jacket and head out. It was gorgeous outside. Sunny and warm. (I wrapped my jacket around my waist and the camera was inside my jacket pocket. This is how it got stuck between the door in the taxi)

I saw the biggest cathedral in the world, saw Christopher Columbus´s tomb and just walked around the streets. The streets are not continuous. It is zig zagged. Very easy to get lost and believe me I got lost plenty. (Hence the taxi incident)

I want to see their "flamenco" dance tonight. I am leaving to Barcelona tomorrow morning. I am staying in Sevilla only for one night.

Time for you to write a message.. Dont delay.

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