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Downtown Rusk, TX.

Cherokee County Courthouse

The Confederate Soldier, Blayde, and Willis at the Cherokee County Courthouse in...

Blayde and Willis taking a break in Rusk, TX.

Cherokee County Courthouse, Rusk, TX.

Rusk Footbridge

Rebecca and Blayde at the start of the Rusk Footbridge.

Willis and Blayde crossing the Rusk Footbridge.

Love's Lookout, Jacksonville, TX.

Blayde and Willis at Love's Lookout, Jacksonville, TX.

Hopefully we will receive an update call tomorrow and learn that our cabinetry is installed in our Roadtrek. (Always the optimist!) In the meantime, to cool my "gypsy blood", Willis took us on an outing today to Jacksonville, TX, via Rusk, TX. While in Rusk we stopped to see the Rusk Footbridge originally built in 1861. This bridge is 546 feet long and is "the longest footbridge in the United States" according to our Texas travel guide. We then stopped and had our picnic in the car (due to the chilly breeze outside) of fried chicken and biscuits. Yum!

Then we headed off down the road to Jacksonville, TX. We had been there a few years back when they were in the process of remodeling Love's Lookout (thus the lookout was closed). We've always wanted to go back and see the lookout once completed and we were not disappointed today. Love's Lookout is a lovely stop that provides a panoramic view of the Piney Woods of East Texas. (This rest area is handicapped accessible, has clean restrooms, a visitor's center and covered picnic pavilions that offer gorgeous views.) A tall and stately silver-haired gentleman (he reminded me of a well-dressed Texas Oil Millionaire from the movies in his tailored western suit and elegant grey Stetson) we met at the lookout pointed out Overton and Rusk to us way off in the distance and told us about standing at the lookout when he was a boy with his father. He said, "Back then, the oil drillings that blew lit up the sky and you could read a newspaper at night up here the way the light of the flames reflected off the clouds." Then with a twinkle in his eye he said, "In that day and age it was a big deal to be able to read a newspaper at night!" I would bet that he has some wonderful stories to share, had it been a warmer afternoon, and we appreciate the time he did spend with us pointing out the sights from this lookout before he continued on down the road.

We let Nellie (that's what we named our GPS) provide the directions for the return trip and she chose some lovely country roads for us to travel home on. It was a chilly outing today but the clear blue sky and the company of my hubby and puppy made for a wonderful day. We look forward to many more days like this once we are on the road fulltime. If only they would finish our Roadtrek...

Happy travels,


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