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Tidy room huh?

Egyptian temple, right in the middle of the Siberian tundra

Marijn reflecting.




Nate reflecting (notice the difference)




Krasnoyarsk is another university city, very lively in comparison (to Gorky especially, no we shall no forget it, cause that's how much it sucked). The streets were lighted with colourfull lights every night, and there were speakers attached to lamposts on the main streets, where lounge music could be fainlty heard. Apparently the city was celebrating it's commencement (1628 or something) And there were many many ice statues and ice playgrounds and ice castles advertising this (I like the ice playgrounds, and Marijn does too, revert to the picture of his sliding off a childs ice slide). The only musuem of interest was the museum of locals studies, which showed the history of the people of the Krasnoyarsk area, and was most conspicuosly housed in an Egyptian temple. Other than that, much walking along the riverside and eating KFC (Marijn complained of pain in his legs, and then a stomach ache from the chicken).

Renate and a protesting Marijn

Haha zo ging het niet helemaal. alleen dat van mn buik is wel waar, van mn benen volgens mij niet. Denk ik. We lopen best wel veel trouwes! Dus dat zou niet eens misplaatst zijn. Leuke stad, helemaal in het donker, dat geldt voor bijna alle steden hier haha, leuke lichtjes enzo. Lekkere Subway broodjes, paar keer gegeten daar in plaats van blinys n hotdogs enzo. Best wel gezond dus. Voor de rest niet veel gedaan, nu op naar Irkutskt en de laatste week in Rusland.

Marijn en a much too patient Renate, haha...rite

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