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Buckskin Mountain

The Park from the California side

Nobody wanted to sit on Santa's lap

Fuzzy Christmas lights

Buckskin Mountain State Park is one of our favorite places to stay. We found it last year on the way to Oregon. It's right on the Colorado River between Parker and Lake Havasu City. But let me qualify my opening statement. We wouldn't want to be here in the summer. Not for the reason you may be thinking though. It's not the heat; it's the boat noise and people. The crowd changes from RV'ers to boaters and that's just not our kind of crowd. Too many kids(the older variety too), boom boxes, and beer. But in the winter it's great; quiet, sunny and warm. It's not too far to Parker or Havasu City and there is a casino down the road with a senior breakfast buffet for $5.40, and in Havasu City there is one of the best Chinese Buffets ever that's less than $7.00 for lunch. How bad is that?

This year it was a good place to spend Christmas. And if you were thinking we were alone you would be wrong. The park wasn't full but it was probably half full, maybe 20-30 rigs. So we got out our Christmas lights and set up for nine days. We even got nine days for the price of six. Two free days with a weeks stay and Christmas Day was free. What a deal! And we had a very nice dinner of turkey and stuffing for Christmas.

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