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The Pelonnor Fields (left)

The Pelonnor Fields (middle)

The Pelonnor Fields (right)

Simon our orc-impersonating guide

The location was chosen for it's vast space, mountains behind & no...

The green strip (fenced off) was where Minas Tirith was digitally added

This was the background for when the Rohirrim charged

So 286 horses could charge, they spent 2 weeks filling in rabbit...

Denis pretending to be the charge of the Rohirrim

Meanwhile Sarah is hit by an arrow

In the book The Pelonnor Fields are green, so they planted lots...

Urak-hai had to be 6 foot and acted pretty much like men

Mordor orcs (smaller than 6 foot) had hunched shoulders and clenched fists

Meanwhile Moria orcs had to move sideways like crabs

The Mordor Ranges (Mount Doom added digitally)

This bit used for Gandalf & Pippin crossing from Rohan into Gondor

We got ourselves onto a guided tour for the Battle of the Pelonnor Fields as the lcoation is on private land and was of course the battle in Return of the King for Minas Tirith and the seige of Gondor. We were guided by Simon who during filming had been a driver, ferrying orcs around. He even taught us how to move like the 3 different types of orcs - Urak-hai, Mordor and Moria. He was an excellent guide and provided alot of info about how the filming was done. We recommend this tour highly to any of you Ring fans out there(should you be passing). Later on we carried on closer to Christchuch via Lake Pukake and Tekapo. Plus a visit to the highest salmon farm in the world.

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