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Alas the saga continues! Our RV salesman called from Vogt Motor Homes this morning to schedule the pickup of our RV for tomorrow and to tell us that THE INTERIOR WAS NOT COMPLETED AS ORDERED and that they would "order the missing cabinetry" and we could install those when they arrived. Now, we are not just talking about a drawer knob here, we are talking about two major pieces... the wardrobe closet that fits behind the driver's seat and the armoire that is supposed to be fitted in behind the side door (passenger side). Are they kidding? They expect us to make the four hour trek from where we live to the dealership, pay for our RV, drive it off the lot, and then expect that they will actually make an effort to procure and install the two pieces at a later date... all this after being told that we would have the Roadtrek by December. HA! Like we are going to believe that one! I bet they have a nice piece of oceanfront property in Arizona that we could buy from them to park our new home on, too!

Well, needless to say, we are NOT picking up our RV tomorrow. Instead, they are calling Canada and trying to get the cabinet makers busy building our wardrobe and armoire and then they will try to expedite shipping the finished pieces to Texas. Obviously, at this point, we are not holding our breath.

One of the bummers in all of this, besides us not having our RV, is that we already bought and paid for the RV insurance (effective date is tomorrow) and we don't have possession of the RV yet. I guess this incidence has forced us to develop our patience. I much prefer caring for patients instead of exhibiting patience. (Sorry, corny humor is all this day has left me with.)

So, that is where everything stands for now. I'll let you know if anything more develops. I hope your day has gone better than ours. Take care and happy travels.


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