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¡Primera Mirinda con Toni! Gran momento...

Gente de Ellora

Haciendo amigos

Niños de Ellora

En las Cuevas de Ellora

Por las cuevas de Ellora...

Barriendo como se barre en India

En las cuevas de Ellora...

Tocando las tetas de la fertilidad, por si las moscas...

Kailasa Temple

Kailasa Temple

Familia que conocimos a la salida de las cuevas

Niño elegante

Puesta de sol en Orchha

Después de la puesta del sol

Celebrando la llegada de Toni

Tomando algo...

En el bus...

En el bus...


Sorry for the long silence, but it's been complicated to write these last few days. Let's start with the train from Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) to Manmad (Maharashtra). That was simply hell on Earth!!! The night before Mikel and I fell ill. Mikel had serious stomach problems and I had tonsolitis, as usual. We knew we had more than twenty hours by train ahead of us and that didn't help. David, our saviour, walked us to the station and dropped us there with our huge backpacks and looking more dead than alive. The trip by train was up to our worst expectations. Mikel made it for the toilet god knows how many times while I took his temperature and tried not to swallow too much because it hurt like hell. At some point, Mikel had 39'2 temperature and I freaked out, took out the antibiotics and forced him to have them (Nico, thank you so much for those antibiotics). When we finally got to Manmad, we had to take three local buses (one to Yeloa, one to Aurangabad and one to Ellora) to get to our final destination: Ellora. I thought we simply wouldn't make it. We hadn't eaten for more than 24 hours and we were so weak... plus the sun does shine strongly in this part of the country (we are now in the south of India). Luckily, Ellora proved out to be just the kind of place we needed to rest and get better. I can't even say it is a small town, because it wasn't much more than a village with three shops and three hotels, no internet and pretty much no nothing, other than 34 amazing temples carved out of rocks and turned into caves.

In this remote little town, we met up with our dear friend Toni, from Barcelona. We were resting for a little while in our hotel room and almost fully recovered already, when Toni knocked on our door and made our day. We were so happy to see him there!!!! So now it is the three of us and it will be like this for the next month.

Ellora is amazing. We spent a whole day visiting the caves. Some of them were Hindu Temples, others were Jain Temples and others Budist Temples, but they were all gorgeous. The fact that they were able to carve them from pure rock is already astonishing enough, but it was also beautiful to enjoy all the ornaments. Hindu temples had were heavily ornamented with depictions of their numerous gods and their mithology (e.g. Shiva and Parvati playing chess). Budist Temples were a bit more austere, but all had a huge representation of Buda and sometimes even of 'his' seven previous incarnations. Jain temples were very spacious. All of them overlooking a beautiful green valley. Simply gorgeous!!!!

Thank you very much to my mother, my father, my cousin Lis, Noe, Isabel, Easton and Judith for their sweet messages. Noe, we have tried to email you several times (please, empty your inbox, because we get the emails delivered back to us). We love your messages and we want to reply... Alberto, now I'm worried. Are you alright? It's not like you not to write. Isabel, could you please phone Alberto and check he is alright? Thank you, Isabel.

A big hug to you all!!!!!

Idoia & Mikel.

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