Scooters in the Sahara 2008 travel blog

Look .... sandy bits

what a gorgeous strip of tarmac

somewhere on a desert highway, she rides a Harley Davidson (well almost...

It doesnt look that hot does it? It was!

it was hard to focus the camara in a sandstorm - but...

a sandstorm- of course

We needn't have bothered - Nouakchott was horrible

I cant remember why i took this one

oh yes, that is me sleeping on the roof of the Shogun

It made a pleasent change to wake up in a tent you can stand up in, as oppossed to crouching down. However, the showers we were promised the night before turned out to be a small dark outhouse with a bucket of cold water inside, ho ho.

We rode from 9am until 8.30pm today. This was 310 miles all across the desert. At several stages there were some sand storms, it was an incredible experience riding through it. It was blisteringly hot but looked amazing, like a moving magic carpet, as the sand constantly moved and danced in front of you whilst you were riding. Quite surreal, very beautiful.

We eventually rough camped 60 miles south of Nouahchott, we were completely shattered and Chuck had had a blow out. I was wringing wet with sweat, it was disgusting. I slept up on the roof of the Shogun tonight. I was in my army bivvy bag ontop of my thermarest, it was very comfy. I woke up in the night, although I felt safe from snakes and spiders, I was concerned that a camel might come along to investigate. I could hear an animal huffing and breathing, I could also here its feet nearby. I put on my torch and shone it straight onto a very startled donkey - who ran off. Very very tired but still loving it.

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