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Still at Hopewell and went to the area sports day.. mostly to see a new part of the sounds but also heard about the gumboot toss which I thought I had a crack at placing in. After a few practice tosses a couple of days before the event, I thought I had mastered throwing the boot in a straight line and getting the right combination of height and distance. Unfortunately, at the moment of the toss, one of the locals decided to cheer me on and distract me and the boot, with great gusto, flew into the crowd on the sidelines. No one was hit on initial impact but you only get one toss so I was disqualified.

Later on in the afternoon, the hopewell gals and a few other locals from down the road entered the tug of war competition. We had many a wee lass on our side but I thought we'd at least give our competitors a few minutes of strain before losing.

When our match was called, we found out that our first match was again the Big Heifers. Psychologically speaking, we had already lost at this point - I was the biggest woman on our side and have shrunk considerably since anyone has last seen me from north america (down to about 170lbs - no boobs, no ass and bigger arms - I'm really glad I don't have to buy quasi business clothes anymore).

So, we got our asses whooped and switched sides and got our asses whooped again. Consolation was the big heifers went on to win the whole thing (and the anchor for their team was also the winner of the gumboot toss - I'm told she practices everyday of the year with the boot toss).

I'm going to start practicing with a concrete boot and an overhand toss for next year.

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