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Tabasco Factory

Tabasco Factory

Trekies waiting for tour guide

Tabasco Country Store

Just Plain Folks

Inside Store (1 Gallon Tabasco was $ 38)

Rice Mill Tour

Our tour guide

The Mill

Arrived here today after about a two hour drive from Kinder. We are in Bayou country, lots of water everywhere. They grow rice here and we passed field after field of rice paddies. Houses are built on piers, not foundations; and cemetaries have cement vaults built above ground. There are lots of small cemetaries, all well kept and with lots of silk flowers. Highways are really bad - bump -bump - bump - crunch.

We stayed at Frog City Rv in Duscon, a new rv park built by FEMA and now open to travelers. Drove down to Avery Island to see the McElhenny Tabasco factory, but they were not packaging on Friday this week. Enjoyed the tour and explanation of how their famous hot sauce is made. Process involves no cooking. The ground up peppers and salt are fermented in Jack Daniels whiskey kegs for up to three years, mixed with vinegar, strained and separated from seeds and bottled. We especially enjoyed their country store where we sampled Tabasco ice cream - not bad - and some really good chili.

Nearby was the Konsico Rice Mill which also gives tours and free samples - note how we have picked on that free sample attraction. This is a very old mill and still operating - OSHA would have a field day. They showed us a film on Cajun/Acadian history that explained how the French from Nova Scotia came to this area and their culture blended with the local French and Negro and a few pirates. We also learned the rice fields are used to grow crayfish during the off season - and this is crawdad season! Evans and Pellegrini's ventured forth to Thebodeaux's, a local restaurant (dive) crowded with people ordering either three pound or five pound platters of boiled crawdads. We ordered fried pickle appetiser andseafood gumbo which comes with a bowl of rice on the side. We asked so many questions that the waiter brought us a small bowl of crayfish and showed us how to twist off the tail, squeeze out the little "lobster tail" and enjoy. Another gastronomic achievement!

Rocky: Thank you to those who have asked and sent messages. I am feeling so much better and getting around really well now - don't need the ramp and that's a good thing since Dick was about to throw his back out moving it around. (You remember what a putz he is when his back hurts.) Anyway, I have finished almost all my pills - I love pills - and they seem to have done the job. Everything would be just great if the weather would just warm up enough so we all can mingle at tea time and if these guys would find a decent roadway to travel on.

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