Lynsey's Radical Solo Adventure 2005 travel blog

Beach on Maui

Bob Marley's birthday celebration


View from one of our stops on the Road to Hana drive

Me & Ben who drove the car so ably on the wrong...

Toby from Adelaide taking it easy

Another lookout

Emma & I

Bought a pair of handmade earrings from this lady at the lookout

Hana Bay

Ben & Cian with a green lizard friend

Nudist beach but we all kept our clothes on



Toby pretending he can read

Me & Cian

The hostel room at the Banana Bungalow

Big ugly school bus

Toby walking towards the hostel

Beach on one of the tours where rich Americans take vacation

Went snorkelling here and saw a turtle

Toby & Dave from UK



Me & Toby


Buddhist temple



Lahaina police station

Town of Lahaina (really nice, would stay there if I ever went...

More snorkelling

Roadside taco stand

Another beach, I think it was called Small Beach

Skin boarding


Pete from Australia (very funny man)

Having cocktails at the end of the day

Me & Julien from Andorra

Another gorgeous sunset on Maui

Some of the guys from the hostel

Cindy from London & Isaac the tour guide

Last night in Maui

Me & Raphael from Peru

Emma & Cian

Me & Emma

Nice beach huh?

Lahaina police station (this must be a joke)

I have been in Maui for a couple of days now and it is a far cry from the bright lights and skyscrapers of Waikiki that is for sure. I am staying at the Banana Bungalow hostel in Wailuku which is pretty hippy-like and not as nice/safe/clean as Waikiki Beachside but it is ok. The weather here has been excellent, haven't had any rain for the last week and the temperatures go between about 18 to 28 degrees. The drawcard of the hostel is the free tours they run each day. Some of the guys from Waikiki were here when I got here, Emma & Cien from England and Ben & Toby from Adelaide. Emma, Cien & Ben left this morning which is sad so now it's just me & Toby who is also going on to Vancouver. The first afternoon I arrived here the other guys were doing something else so I went with some of the staff from the hostel to a celebration gig for Bob Marley's birthday down at the beach. It was pretty cool, lotsa hippies around dancing to the reggae band and smoking joints. Got back to the hostel around 7.30 and found my buddies, went for dinner at a Thai restaurant and crashed pretty early. The guys had rented a car the previous day since public transport is pretty much non existent here so we drove down to Hana the next day. The Road To Hana is one of the must-do things on Maui and it is not the destination that you go for, it is the journey as it is a narrow windy road through rainforest and by the ocean with lots of lookouts along the way. That took us a few hours and we stopped in Hana for lunch at (another) crappy burger place and made it back to get the beach around 3.00pm. We beat the rush back at the hostel for the showers and went to dinner at the Vietnamese place followed by the supermarket for some alcohol supplies, beer for the boys and a bottle of wine each for Emma & I. Back at the hostel everyone sits around outside drinking and chatting, one guy from Canada had a guitar and we played a few hands of cards between us and went to bed around 12 I think? I woke up early to say goodbye to the others and have had a lazy day so far with Toby doing washing and moving into a bed in his room and now writing this. Going on a snorkelling tour tomorrow from midday to 8pm and then I'm outta here on Thursday morning to the cold and wet of Vancouver.

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