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I trotted off from Mount Tambourine and all of Ashtara's abundant love and care into Sydney. A few hours with jussy and Robby and it was off to Blackheath for a 10 day Vipassana meditation.

All I really knew of it was that it was 10 days of silence and not a lot of food. How hard could it possibly be??

Stupid question.

It was a journey into the depth of my own pain. And I would recommend it to anyone! Such a simple technique - which is the beauty of it. No distractions, no visualisations or other forms of entertainment. Just you and your pain as it is.

If anyone is interested it's all over the world. Just go to and check it for yourself. All I know is you won't regret it... hmmm... OK, you'll regret it while you're there about a thousand times, and then you'll get passed that regret and the first sentiment will be true!

It spat me back into the real world on Christmas Eve...

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