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When i last wrote I was in Villa de leyva. We spent 4 nights there. The last day we went to a national park for a nice hike. The flora and fauna was really beautiful and different. It was hard because the starting elevation was like 8,000 feet and much of the trial is straight up...no switch backs. We took a local bus there and the park is on a small road with very few cars. We finished at two and would have had to wait for 2 hours for the bus, but a nice couple gave us a lift to town...lucky because it started to rain hard.

We befriended a 25 year old Dutch guy who stayed at our hostel. The next day the three of us traveled most of the day by bus to where we are now... San Gil. A medium small town that is known for being the adventure capital of Colombia. We tried to stay at the hostel which is cheap and also social, but it was full. We got a nice hotel for $20. the funny thing is we were on the forth floor and there was a ROOSTER next door!! Maybe on the roof.

The first day we went to a very small village..400 people and then walked on a very old trail that is a UNESCO world heritage site. we walked between two villages and saw some really nicce scenery. Yesterday we went paragliding. it was great. they take you up tandem for 15 minutes and you go up pretty high and they also do spiraling turns. I highly recommend it.

Lat night we moved to the hostel which is cool because you can cook here. Colombian food in the restaurants consist of some meat, rice, potato, yucca and maybe a two bites of salad. the last two nights I cooked big heaps of vegetables!!

For those of you who have not travelled much, staying in a hostel is very different. There are usually several dorms, but also private rooms, a comunal area, and sometimes a kitchen. it is fun because people from all over mix. in a regular hotel you end up sitting in your room at night doing nothing.

Today white water rafting!

Adios Amigos and best wishes


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