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Trekies Visit the 41st. presidents' Library at College Station, Texas.

Five of the six trekies, trundled off to the Bush first library. Bonnie was home feeling pretty miserable with a bad cold. We republicans think it had something to do with the party affiliation.

The Bush library is on the campus of Texas A&M in College Station. We are not sure why this location was chosen for the library, but apparently President Bush fell in love with Texas when he and Barbara moved there after they were first married. The complex consists of several buildings. The museum is housed in one, all the documents are housed in another, and he has a building that holds classes and lectures for the students at the campus. One of the buildings also houses an apartment that they use while they are on campus. We were told that we should keep a look out for him, but we never saw anyone that looked like the former president.

As we have said in the past, each library is certainly different and it is interesting to see what each man decides is important to preserve and what their legacy should be. With Bush 41, it seemed to be his family and many personal stories and items.

There was the prerequisite movie about his life, a display of his military career, his private career in oil, and then his launch into public service. His father was also in public service.

We learned that he served as the director of the CIA, the head of the republican party (that was during the infamous Nixon scandal), and then his unsuccessful bid for the presidency against Reagan.

There were display's of his office, you could get your picture taken behind a replica of his desk, a re-creation of his office at Camp David, a whole display on the Gulf War, and his presidential limousine and the boat he used at Kennebunkport. They also had a section of the gifts of state. This section is always interesting to see what other countries bring our President when they visit. I can't imagine what some of them were thinking.

The best part of the library was actually the kids section, where they showed a movie with George and Barbara doing some funny skits and telling stories. They both have a great sense of humor.

Since we had seen this President while we were in Maine last year, it was great to see his library.

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