Southern Border Adventure 2008 travel blog

Leaving Marin at 1:45pm - view from the driver's seat

Things I have learned or discovered today -

1. Today's driving experience is the reason I learned to drive at "10 and 2" back in driver's ed. Driving an RV in inclement weather means always, always having two hands on the wheel.

2. The arm rests sure do feel good when you've forgotten about them for the previous 20 minutes.

3. When looking for the light in the bathroom, look up on the ceiling. It will still be up there when you go to turn it off less than a minute later.

4. Being stuck in traffic in an RV is not any more fun than being in a car, but there sure is a change in noise level. All the rattling stops.

5. Backing in isn't so bad, especially when someone's around to guide you.

6. "I'm wide, very wide. I'm long, very long." But that's no so bad either.

I left Marin at 1:45pm in pouring rain. After watching the weather experts at 10am, 11am and noon giving progressively worse forecasts especially for Marin, I decided to get on the road and just see how it went. It was pretty windy crossing Golden Gate Bridge. When I got to the toll booth, I told the woman I had just made it across the bridge even with all that wind! Yay - success! She smiled, I paid her, and she asked if I wanted a receipt. I was going to say no, but then hesitated and instead grinned and said "Well, yes, I guess I would." "Proof that you made it?" she responded, grinning as well. "You got it!"

The drive was uneventful really, just lots of rain, and a few good gusts on 280, but now I've got the experience of driving in the rain. Traffic slowed around San Jose, but it gave me a chance to really enjoy a beautiful rainbow. Every color and both ends of it was visible. Such a treat.

All in all, it took me about three hours to get to the Monterey Bay area. I'm staying in Marina Dunes for the night, maybe two. I got in about 4:30pm or so. This place is not full at all, although I did pass several parks that I could see from the highway that looked full. I'm guessing the bigger RVs pulled off because of the weather. I am a teeny tiny RV compared to some others. I actually like that the park isn't completely full - easier for me to try parking and maneuvering with less folks around. No one to see my novice moves! I had to back in to my spot, so I can now say I've done that as well. Okay so the spot was huge, and there was no tricky maneuvering required, but still. The manager was going to guide me in, but he was filling up a propane tank at the time. While I was waiting for him, the guy from across the drive came out of his very big RV. I asked if he could help me back in, and a few moments later I was in place with power and dump all hooked up! His name is Ken and he and his wife Rose have been camped out in their spot for over two years now. He works for a construction company that builds out Targets and malls in the area. I think he said the company was based out of Redwood City. Next to me, there's a young couple with a fifth wheel and their bikes attached to the front, but I haven't had a chance to talk with them. I've also seen two resident kitties who seem pretty attached to Rose. There's also laundry, hot showers and a common room with a pool table, video games and a TV.

I enjoyed leftover pizza from the RV Open House last night, listened to a few podcasts and got things a bit more organized in the RV. It's amazing how quickly you discover what you want handy. I'm sure my perspective will change a few more times as the trip progesses.

I'm glad I decided to buy a $15 pair of rain boots at Costco before I left. With this kind of weather, I'll be wearing them constantly. Nothing better than warm dry feet.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but I'd like to go for a walk along the sand dunes in the morning and then visit the aquarium.

I'd say day one of the Southern Border trip has been a success. Night all.

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