Star Trek deux (2007-2008) travel blog


The Guys working on my new ramp

Everyone helped

Uncle Larry

My new Ramp is finished!

Rocky: This has been a wonderful trip for me. The guys and I have been so many places, and everyone has been great to me. Bonnie and Don even invited me into their house - first time. I really expected to run into Dusty, but couldn't find him - I looked. Diane gives great back and tummy rubs - love it. And Larry is my good bud - I try to give him extra attention. Dick and Gail have even been pretty good about "my way or no way."

Then it happened. On New Years Eve I went to the beauty shop (PetsMart) for a bath and a "do." I was feelin good and lookin pretty sharp if I do say so. Everyone told me so (something about smelling much better too). We were all mingling outside and playing cards when somehow I hurt myself. I was really hurtin and nobody could figure out why. Had a bad night and next day (New Years) no better. That night was terrible; I cried and cried. I was hurtin, had trouble walkin and was crabby. Even snapped at Uncle Larry - my good bud. We found a good vet Dr. Amber, and she found I had thrown my back out! (Us Pellegrini men just do that.) Doctor said no activity, no steps (right, in a motor home) and lots of drugs. Well, I spent four miserable days in the hospital, but felt better each day. Finally Dick and Gail brought me home, and guess what the guys had done! They built me a ramp so I don't have to climb stairs! It even has carpet! And if they get it steep enough I slide right down and bump my nose. So things are looking up in 2008, after a "rocky" start.

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