Steve and Lauren's World Tour 07/08 travel blog

We arrived in Taupo around mid-afternoon and went straight to check out the sky dive places at the airport. Most of the companies said we should jump straight away cuz the weather had been really changable but we decided to give it some thought and wait... BIG MISTAKE! For the next 3 days it rained almost solidly so that meant no jumping and lots of hanging around waiting for the weather to clear up! In between the showers we played a game of mini golf and watched a lot of DVDs! The town itself was really nice which was a help to keep spirits high and a bit shopping and retail therapy help the time go by! Finally on the 3 day of waiting the sky was clear blue and almost cloud-less so we took the plunge and booked onto a 15, 000ft jump for the afternoon. We got kitted up in our sexy all-in-one jump suits and hats and boarded the tiny little plane with our tandem masters and camera crew! As we got to the right height the plane levelled off and the rolling side door flew open! There was no time to think about what was happening cuz the next minute we were sat on the edge of the plane with wind screaming in our faces and the next minute we were free falling! The free fall lasted about a minute and before you knew it the tandem master was pulling the cord and you were gliding gracefully back down to earth! Has to be said though it was one of the most amazing minutes of our lives! Well worth it, do it if you ever get the chance!

After we'd watched out DVD and seen the pics we headed back to town and booked to walk the Tongoriro Crossing the following day! We had a really early morning, getting up at 5.30am and taking the bus to the National Park. The trek was a 18km alpine walk through loads of different types of terrain. The main highlights were walking up Mount Doom and seeing the beautiful emerald lakes, although they were a bit stinky with sulphur!! By the end of the day we where knackered but it was an amazing day which was well worth the early start!!! So dispite the previous bad weather we had a wicked time in taupo, defo one of the best places we had been so far!

The next day we drove the Forgotten World Highway to New Plymouth...!

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