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(Well, part of it anyway)

By Bonnie

Our memories of the Corpus Christi/Galveston areas will be flat, flat, flat with lots of water, bayous, houses built on stilts, huge hay bales, cows, oil wells, tons of oil refineries and a very nice Texas law enforcement man, which brings me to our story of sightseeing in the wrong places. One day we went on our own to see what we could see in the Corpus Christi area and ended up down by the miles and miles of refineries, which I wanted to get up close and personal with. We came to a little dirt side road that looked like it went to the water where there was a couple of oil tanker ships, so we took it. Came to a dead end with signs all over the gate stating we were not welcome. A large sign stated it was a US/Foreign Free Trade Zone, so I got out of the truck to take a picture. Then we turned around, went down another little road and ran into the same thing. I had noticed little guardhouses at each of the gates, but didn't think anything about it as no one appeared. Again we turned around and it was at this time I noticed I had dropped my sunglasses at the last place, so we went back and sure enough we spotted them and I got out, grabbed them and we left the area.

Shortly after getting on the main road, we spotted a Texas "finest" police car on the opposite side of the road. He also was very aware of us, as when we passed, we could tell he was on the radio and really checking out our truck. Yep, a few more seconds and we saw him make a "U" turn with red lights on as he came up behind us.

We pulled over, of course, and Don immediately told him his name and where we were from. When the Officer asked again what his name was, Don told him and we knew, he knew, everything about us. He went on to explain he had a call about a suspicious truck in the area and was just checking to see if we were tourist or terrorists. After explaining we were just "traveling snow birds" and were just exploring the area and were amazed at how many refineries there were. He told us it was a lot, but the Houston area had even more. We discussed a little more about the Corpus Christi area, and he bid us ado and wished us well on our travels.... And that's our story and we're sticking to it.

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