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1st of 2008

Well perhaps Essaouira wasn't that great a choice for NYE but then again it's possible that nowhere in Morocco was going to have the street party and fire-works I crave for the occasion. I gave up on the main bar, Taros, at about 11:30pm as it was filling up with male Moroccans. Had a final vodka in my room and turned in for the night.

That disappointment aside I still love Essa and could easily spend a long time here. The beach is fantastic and puts many if not all of the ones I came across in the Balkans to shame, the food is good (not often I feel inspired to photograh it) and the vibe relaxed. I think after mymadz dashing about in Europe I'm re-tuning to the Moroccan pace, slow coffees leisurely meals and lots of sitting watching the world happen to other people. Happy New Year.

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