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We had another comedy wake up call at 5am and arrived into Chengdu at 6.30am to be picked up by the hostel. Everyone was tired as we had not slept well, I've got a cold and was coughing, and Nigel was snoring. The guy who checked us in woke up the cook so we could have another cold full English, but we really didn't care. The rest room we were given must have been -5, so Ruth and I decided to go explore and see what was around, the hostel was a bit poor.

The hostel was in a traditional Chinese backstreet with people eating breakfast, hanging meat up from the trees, washing your hair you name it they were doing it! Getting the stares for Chinese all over again! At the end of this street was the market, full with fresh veg, meat and spices. The smells were amazing...

Next we laid out for the local park and spent another hour just wondering round watching the old folk doing Thai Chei. Such a different culture from ours, really starting to open your eyes, not like a week in Spain.

Made our way to a teahouse in the park overlooking the lake and enjoyed some funny looking green bean tea. We were being annoyed by a guy who was intent on charging us for the honor of him cleaning our ears, saved by an elderly Chinese man who spoke English.

From the park, we made our way to the shops, time for a new camera. Ruth bought a Maroon 5 and Robbie Williams album for just 2pounds. I left her and made my way for more shops. While crossing a road, I stopped, stupid me and got hit by a cyclist! Bloody things are everywhere! After that I decided I was tired and it was time to get my new room anyhow.

Spent the rest of the day just sleeping and chilling, trying to get over the train journey.

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