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This is where we had our birthday meal

no this kangeroo isnt dead, just lazy and sleeping!

What a poser!

Sleepy Koala

Giraffe's and a gorge view of Sydney in the background

another giraffe. sorry i loved them!

St Marys Cathedral

Em's not here to tell me off about boring photos! pretty flower...

This is the sky tower where we had dinner!

Sydney by night

Darling Harbour from a height!

Hyde Park

Just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent me cards, messages, presents and best wishes! I really didnt expect everyone to be so organised and remember me all the way out here, especially as i was trying to forget the fact that i was turning 25!!

thank you again for making me feel very special and spoilt!

So what did i get up to on my birthday? Well i just had the most magical weekend - courtesy of my UK visitors - Barbara and Karen. I used to work with the pair of them at the Tourist Office many moons ago and they are on a 'round the world' ticket and planned it so that they hit Oz on my birthday. So friday morning arrived (unfortunately for me and my banging head and mouth like a piece of carpet!) so i drank a zillion pints of water, took some nurofen and headed out to the Airport to meet my visitors.

After much hugging and birthday greetings we headed back to their hotel before lunching at the exclusive 'Doyles' restaurant in Circular Quay. We had the most fabulous table as Barbara told the waitress it was my birthday. Personally i think that she thought it was my 21st which is why the fab table..but i cant be sure??

After a lovely fish meal we wandered around the botanic gardens with ice creams and i got to show off my new home in all its glory. The sun was shining without a cloud in the sky and there was a gentle breeze (new invention for Sydney!)- we had a lovely afternoon checking out the flora and fauna before heading round to Darling Harbour for Cocktails! Yum, yum! We found this brill cafe where all the staff are completely off their heads (Emma we have to go when you come back!) and spent the evening there watching the sunset.

Saturday was an early start to make the most of our day, we breakfasted in sydney's quaintest area 'The Rocks' before strolling around the markets and souvenir shops. Then we boarded the ferry to the Zoo. Finally i got to see some Koala's, Kangeroo's & every animal you can imagine. Personal favs were the Gorillas who cracked me up when the 'nagging' wife started shaking her finger at the male before picking up the kids under each arm and marching out of the hut - i now understand evolution!! the giraffes were also fascinating, they are just so regal and HUGE!

St Mary's Cathedral followed (after a well earned trip to Starbucks of course)- come on we were being tourists, you have to do a church! I have walked past that cathedral so many times and never gone in, what a waste it was beautiful. Its famous for its stained glass windows and wow they were simply breathtaking.

A quick trip back to the hotel, with a freshen up and a cup of tea, was followed by dinner at the top of the sky tower! wow wow wow, i know Sydney so well by now that i wasnt expecting much but i have never seen Sydney from that height, in the dark. The lights really are beautiful. The restaurant revolves so you get to see a full 360 every 45 mins or so, i bored the others to tears with my 'there's my old hostel' 'thats where i worked' 'thats my apartment' drivel the whole time. The food was an all you can eat buffet - and yes we took advantage of that statement. Supper included Emu (deep pink and tasted like pepperami) Camel (must have been a very old camel as it took 20 mins to chew each piece and tasted like old leather) & Kangeroo (very dry beef) - think i am going to stick to my Chicken & Beef! The highlight of the evening came when fireworks were let off from a concert that was going on - to look 'down' on fireworks was def a one off and amazing.

Sunday was departure day for my friends so after a 3 course hotel breakfast i waved 'Bon Voyage' I really did have a fantastic time with the 2 of them and they have officially reminded me that i have the travel bug as i have just spent the afternoon at a 'travellers exhibition' and booked myself a trip to Cairns.

Leaving when i hear you ask????? tomorrow night! well i havent got any work for this week so rather than hang around the flat i thought i would do something positive with my time. So tomorrow night i am flying up (on my own...scary) spending 4 nights in a hotel/hostel then flying back Fri lunch. So expect lots of photos of the Great Barrier Reef & Rainforest from me..oooooh im so excited.

Lots of love

Vikki x

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