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At the Alamo

Trekies disguised as tourists

Alamo Grounds

Gail Gathering Texas History

At the Alamo

The Alamo

"I think we need to go this way"

Modern Cowboys on their Segways


The Market

Trekies preparing to refuel

Trekie fuel

In El Mercado

Checking out The Riverwalk


"6 Please"




Adult Beverages (Note Dick's Small Beer)

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Dick & Gail enjoying the sights

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

San Antonio, Texas

Friday, we all loaded up, including Rocky, and headed for San Antonio. We all felt that maybe Friday might be a better day to explore the city rather than wait for the Saturday before Christmas. We arrived around noon and parked right behind the Alamo.

I am not sure what we expected from the Alamo, but I am not really a history buff, and didn't know much about the fight that took place there. As others have told us, it is right in the middle of the city, but they have done a good job of restoring some of the buildings and giving us a sense of what happened here. There are not many building left, as they have been destroyed over the years, but there are a few left.

After we had explored the area, and Dick gave Rocky a walk, we headed off to the Mercado, or the Mexican Market. It was about a one mile walk from the Alamo and Larry, Diane, and Don decided to walk it, while Dick, Gail and Bonnie took the trolley. We were told by several locals that it was the place to experience Tex-Mex cuisine. Bonnie is still talking about how good her lunch was. We will compare it to other Tex-Mex experiences we will have before we leave Texas.

After lunch and some exploring of the merchants at the Mercado, we all decided to walk back to the Riverwalk. It was farther than we thought, but we all made it.

I am not sure what we expected when we saw the Riverwalk, but it was certainly something to see. The entire 2 or so miles are below street level, and it follows the natural course of the river. San Antonio has dug some side channels with gates to control flooding in the area. The entire walk is bordered by trees and gardens. There are many restaurants, bars and some shops along the walk. During the 1968 exposition, they also dug some canals to reach various venues in the city and to reach the mall.

After a little bit of exploring, we all stopped for some liquid refreshments, while Dick went back to the car and gave Rocky his beefy dinner and moved the car closer to the area. We all bought tickets to take a cruise on the river in order to see all the lights. They string hundreds of lights for the holiday season. It takes them months to get them all strung and they light them up the day after Thanksgiving and they stay light until the first part of January. I must say it was pretty spectacular and well worth the trip to see it.

We finally left the River walk after 8 that night and made our way home via our trusty GPS.

All in all, San Antonio was a very pretty city, not too crowded and there is certainly lots to see there.


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