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Main St. Fredericksburgh

Main St. Fredericksburgh



Shopping Area Downtown

St. Marys Catholic Church (For Tony & Juliann)

Catholic Cemetery (For Tony)

In Ladybird Johnson City Park

IN Park

In Park

Cactus growing in Oak Tree

Ghost Plane (This old C-47 or DC-3 is parked right across from...

LBJ Ranch

LBJ Ranch

LBJ Ranch

Johnson Cemetery

Trekies @ Ranch

LBJ Ranch

LBJ Cars (Note Amphibicar on left)

LBJ Ranch

LBJ Ranch


We left New Mexico driving through flat, flat, flat (get the picture) landscape and headed into Texas. Good thing there was a sign telling you Don't Mess with Texas because if you had to tell by the terrain, you never would have known you had crossed the border. A long drive to Fort Stockton TX at least it was warmer, but that is all you can say for that place. Kind of a dumpy looking town, and the campground was about the same. Only an over night stop and on to Fredericksburg TX which turned out to be a real jewel, but more on that later.

We finally hit what they call in Texas the Hill Country, and what a change from flat and bare. It is quite pretty, trees and rolling hills. The campground is the Lady Bird Johnson Memorial Park and is very nice and probably very pretty in the spring. We were supposed to be all together, but someone had our (the Fines) place, so we just back up to the Evans in their space. I mean we are close, "pass the Grey Poupon please" close. The good thing is they are friends; the bad...Larry keeps changing our TV with his remote. Yes on purpose.

Everyone did their own thing the next day, seems all did about the same. Went to town, a really neat old section, all fix up and decorated for Christmas. Covered sidewalks, many with balconies on the second floors and neat shops with names like, "Remember Me" "Should have been a Cowboy" and an Old 5 and dime store. There was a kitchen store that had taken over the old hospital and every corner, closet and room were used. A fantastic amount of stuff including the largest cookie cutter selection in the USA. Don spent a considerable amount of time there, drooling.

The day was ended with reservations at the Evans for a wonderful dinner. This is always so nice for the other two couples who don't have to do anything. Course your turn does come up.

An animal update: We have seen so many goats in this area, I finally asked a local as we thought this was cattle country. Turns out, goats are the smallest, easiest livestock to raise and there is a tax subsidy for livestock so they raise goats.

Now, at the LBJ ranch, it is still a working ranch, we saw where he kept his prize cows and they had one in the pen. Of course I felt sorry for him as all others were out in the field, so I asked if he ever got to go out. I was told, he was only brought in when the tour came around and he came when he was called as he got a treat. Actually he was quiet spoiled they said.

Many, many deer we have seen and it's hunting season. Either there aren't many hunters, or maybe they are bad shots, cause they don't seem to disappear during the hunting season like they do in Oregon.

Next day, Pellegrini's and us went to the Lyndon Johnson Ranch and took a tour. It turned out to be very interesting and you will learn more from Gail, as she is reporting on that tour.

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