Kirsty RTW '04/'05 travel blog

The swimming pool with swim up bar, mmmmmm

The food, yummmm

Chillin oot on the beach side hammocks

Dubai creek, where east(mosque) meets west(commercialism)

Andy visiting Iraq!(or at least the Iraq tent in Global village)

Dubai sunset

Together.... :)


Andy :)



Chilled oot


Not much to report here, had a luvly week with Andy in a luvly hotel and it was just luvly :)

At the library today getting books on Islam , after hearing the call of the Iman from the minaret in the mosques I was suitably intrigued into the whole idea of being Muslim. then we went shopping and saw the women with their burkas on, where the only part of the body you could see was two wee (made up) eyes, thru a slit in their black outfit. It was bizarre, where east meets west, women walking behind their husbands, or groups of women in burkas(carrying the latest designer handbags), and westerners, ex pats, all in the same shopping malls, designer shops, looking for the latest bargains....but its still no as cheap as Lima n La Paz ah wis telling them! Dont think that was an incentive to many!

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