Kirsty RTW '04/'05 travel blog

Oh man, this weird, they all speak English, everything is is English.

Am still on ma tour of world airports, in Singapore, having been thru Lima Santiago Auckland Sydney Brisbane in this one sitting, only Dubai to go now!

iin Australia they couldnae believe that I was only there for one day, got questioned for ages and got a few sympathetic looks when they realised my proposed timetable!!

Having a few culture shocks, keep trying to speak Spansih to people, keep trying to put my toilet paper in the bin, not flushin at as has been the norm for the last few months!

So far, Lan Chile is one of my top airlines, well impressed, great entertainment system, food and seat quality only topped by the currnet flight by Emirates where I had Red Thai Chicken Curry for dinner, as part of a 5 course dinner!

And of course Changi airport in Singapore for bein the best airport, free internet/! Pity Ive only 30mins to use it :(

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