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Eamonn and Samantha with a baby croc!

Big croc, action shots #1

Big croc, action shots #2

Big croc, action shots #3

Big croc, action shots #4

Big croc, action shots #5

Big croc, action shots #6

Big croc, action shots #7

Eamonn and Samantha ready to paraglide

... and with the boat captain

Eamonn and Samantha starting the Paragliding




And we're back

At the top of the paragliding

View of Green Island from high up

Samantha chillin on the paragliding boat

Green Island from the boat

Little Mermaid

The diver guide

A big clam under water

Eamonn and Samantha under water

Some fish

Some more fish

Samantha with some fishies

A big fish coming for us

A weird looking fish

Lots of fishies!!!

Samantha on the boat

Eamonn on the boat

Our resort in Cairns

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Check out this big croc, turn your head to the side though!

Today we headed out to Green Island, off the coast of Cairns. It is a small Island resort, not all the way out to the reef.

We got a 45 minute ferry to the island and there is lots to do. On the ferry we booked a sea walk and paragliding.

First up was the paragliding. This was a lot of fun and a new experience for us both. The harness seat below the parachute was for two people and we were suspended pretty far up from the boat with great views all round. It was also really nice just to relax on the boat while the other people got their turn.

After the paragliding we went up to the wildlife centre where we got to hold a baby croc, at no extra cost. We also saw the crocodile feeding show which was cool. The guy doing the show lured the croc out to the side right beside us! The sound of those jaws snapping shut is not something you ever want to hear up close without a fence.

We headed off to grab some lunch and then off to do the sea walk. The sea walk is like diving with the old diving helmets. This meant it was a piece of cake and Samantha could leave on her glasses. We got fully kitted out in wet-suits to protect against the jellies and then started into the water. The helmet weighs 40 kilos outside of the water so it is lowered onto your head when your almost submerged. It was easy to do and very cool. The diver-guide had a bottle of fish food so the fish were swarming around us. He also gave us some of the animals/coral to hold under the water. Lots of fun!

We finished of the day doing a bit of snorkling in blue lycra suits nicknamed smurf-suits, again these are to protect against the jellies.

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