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Trekies 1st stop in New Mexico

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Hidden Valley Ranch RV Park Deming NM

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Roadrunner at RV park

Trekies in Rockhound State Park

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Silver City

Trekies in Silver City

Boy, those of you who know Bonnie will appreciate the pictures of this RV park. It was 6 miles down a dirt road, but it was really worth the dusty drive. Even Dick admitted today that it is a great park.

Had our first shuttle repairs yesterday, as Dick and Gail stopped to gas up in Deming and found that after they finished, the Dolphin wouldn't start! They called Good Sam Emergency Road service and after several tries at jumping the rig, they got towed to a local electrical mechanic, who found out that they had a loose or disconnected battery cable. He fixed it and they made it out to the park just in time for afternoon tea.

We have so far been fortunate to have avoided any of the bad weather, but today it is windy and rainy on and off. Larry and Don worked on Don's trailer brakes, because he thought they were not working right. Guess we will find out if they are fixed when we pull out of this park.

Today we went to the Rockhound State Park to pick up rocks. I know this sounds strange, but apparently there are lots of different kinds of rocks there, and they encourage you to pick them up and take them with you. Don and Bonnie and Dick and Gail picked some up to take home. They both felt that they got some that were ripe for picking. Larry and I didn't find any ripe ones, so we left them there.

Tomorrow we are off for Silver City to see the sights.

ROCKY: Count me out of the campground fan club in Deming. I don't like to complain, and I really do enjoy traveling with the gang, and there are lots of interesting birds and rabbits here - BUT this is not doggie friendly territory with all the cactus out there. I had a terrible traumatic experience the first morning when I went out to use the facility; nosed around the bushes and started to lift my leg - I"m a big boy now and do that - and Wow! that bush attacked me in all four paws and got my nose too. I could hardly hobble back up the stairs into the motorhome. And you can believe I'm staying inside there too until we leave. The guys are going to have to come over to see me if they want to mingle.

Sunday, Dec. 9

Silver City

Today the Trekies decided to head north 50 miles to the Town of Silver City, New Mexico. It being a trip of some 50 miles, we decided to divide our crew of six by sex and put them in separate shuttles. (Bonnie gets a little testy after riding on the truck console for an hour or two.) The guys going in The Evans Craft, while the gals boarded the Pellegrini's toad for the trip. Both craft were equipped with the latest GPS gear by Garmin, with the guys having the advantage of having the dead reckoning gene that is a natural part of Male makeup.

We were off to an interesting start, with both GPS units telling us to turn where there were no roads, and when we did actually come to one, it wanted us to turn in the wrong direction. Finally the three Males in the leading Evans shuttle came to a decision to turn right ignoring the somewhat frustrated voice from the GPS.

To be completely honest, we did have some help from a sign at the road intersection which stated that Silver City was 47 miles to the right. Piece of cake...

The trip was about an hour long and uneventful across mostly flat and high desert type country. The road was straight with only a few curves and an ever so slight grade that took us to the almost 6000' elevation of Silver City. The GPS voice, somewhat calmer now that we were once again obeying his command, took us to the Visitors Center in the middle of town, where we all got out and walked around only to find that, like the rest of the town, was closed on Sunday.

Back in the rigs, a quick right turn, cross the creek, another right and we were on Main Street where we parked and hit the sidewalk looking for anything that might be open. It turned out to be only a couple of places, one an old theatre where they were having a craft fair, and Diane's (No relation) restaurant across the street. After wandering the craft fair and actually purchasing a couple of items, it was lunch time. Everyone in town seemed to be hungry at the same time, and Diane was doing a great business. An hour or so later, everyone was full and we wandered back to our rigs to head home.

A word about Silver City...It is, as to be expected, an old mining town where Silver was discovered in 1870. As the city began to grow, the founding fathers did not want the town to end up in ashes as so many mining towns constructed of tents and wooden buildings always seemed to do. In 1880 the cities founders passed an ordinance that all new building had to be of masonry construction. For several decades, the town grew with many Victorian homes and commercial building being constructed.

Unfortunately, no one bothered to check with FEMA and floods between 1895 and 1906 washed away Main Street and all but one of the brick buildings on it. What used to be Main Street is now known as the Big Ditch, and is some 55 feet below the original street grade. Bullard Street has become the new Main St.

The town has many arts and crafts stores, restaurants, antique shops and no doubt many other stores and businesses to appeal to the tourist trade, but all were closed. Many other attractions are near, including large mines and a Cliff Dwelling site about 40 miles (2 hours), north which we decided was too far to go.

So, it was back in our rigs, to Heavenly Valley Ranch RV park near Deming. After a stop for fuel and backtracking to try to get into a copper mine, (unsuccessful), we headed home for our final night before heading for Alamogordo for our next stop.


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