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Sunday, Dec. 2

At about 11:30 AM the Pellegrini's & Rocky The Wonderdog, joined the Evans's and Fines at the Headquarters State Park at the Salton Sea, completing the Startrek fleet and setting Monday, Dec. 3, for our departure across the Southern half of the U.S.A.

After Hugs and Handshakes, (and Lunch), our group of half dozen travelers layered ourselves into Don and Bonnies Dodge shuttlecraft for a trip to Slab City.

For those of you who haven't heard of Slab City, it is an area just a couple of miles East of the town of Niland, CA., just East of the Salton Sea. It was once an Air Force Facility and is still owned by the U.S. Government. It has become, over the years, home to a diverse collection of squatters, Rv'ers, tourists and curious onlookers which best describes our group. The name is derived from the numerous concrete foundations scattered throughout the area. These are used by the occupants as a place to park relatively free from sand, although any unocuppied space seems to be a potential homesite. One can only imagine the various methods used to construct shelters, ranging from new expensive RV's on down to what appears to once have been some kind of camper, auto, bus, tin building, tank or combination of the above.

Water is delivered by truck, sewage, well I won't go there not knowing for sure how that is disposed of. Power is produced by a combination of generators and a myriad of solar collectors atop of almost every RV or structure.

Not lacking a sense of community spirit, we passed by a church, community center & bulletin board, library, and even what appeared to be an outdoor theatre complete with couches and overstuffed chairs arranged in a semicircle facing a makeshift stage. No idea what the next production was.

The star of the show is Leonard Knight, a 24 year resident of Slab City and his Salvation Mountain. Leonard, who is 74 years of age, has created a mountain of dirt, hay bales, hundreds of gallons of paint, a few trees, telephone poles, car parts, windows and anything else he could find in the desert to create an unforgettable monument to honor his Saviour. The result is an unbelievable sculpture of enormous size and color with many of his favorite Bible Verses and Sayings prominately displayed for all the world to see. Even a sea complete with boat and an island covered with flowers adorns the site. Leonard will not hesitate to take you on you own personal guided tour explaining how it all came about and what holds it together explaining each room and nook and cranny he has created. He has done this thousands of times and never seems to tire of the constant stream of visitors who come to admire his handiwork. One can only wonder when he has time to work on his seemingly never ending creation.

To sum it up only takes one word. AMAZING

Good Job Leonard......

By Larry

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