Star Trek deux (2007-2008) travel blog

Once upon a time, well, not so long ago, on a cold but sunny day we, the Fine's, minus our furry friend, embarked on the first part of the Star Trek 2 adventure. Our first destination, Chico, where we visited and had dinner with good friends and previous neighbors, Bunnie and Augie Baptiste from San Jose.

Then we headed for San Jose where we were fed and "watered" well with more good friends, Jim and Anita Gower, Pat and Monte Ross, Bill Lindsey and Lou and Shirley Souza. While there, Bonnie went to Monterey Fairgrounds to a Christmas tree place, and found Oregon Christmas trees selling for $250.00 to $1000.00. They were beautiful trees, but........

We think some people have way too much money.

Then on to Lopez Lake for a one-night stop, again weather warm and nights cool. On to Simi Valley for a couple of days. .

Visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Air Force One Pavilion. This time of year, it is decorated for Christmas and is just beautiful. One of the special things is the Christmas Around the World display. Highlighted are Christmas trees decorated with ornaments from many of the countries President Reagan visited, reflecting the many ways in which people enjoy Christmas. It was quite spectacular.

Highlighted points of interest we found were:

The Air Force One Pavilion where you board the actual Air Force One where seven presidents and countless world leaders have flown.

Marine One Helicopter is also on display along with the Presidential limousine used by Reagan.

The exact replica of the Oval Office as it existed during Reagan's administration was of much interest to us, as we didn't get to see the real thing when we toured the White House last year.

Many of the dresses Nancy Reagan wore to state dinners and events around the word are on display.

The beautiful grounds house an actual section of the Berlin Wall, a F-14 Tomcat and the President's Memorial Site.

Enjoyed it all.

After we got back, whom did we run into but a McKenzie member staying in the campground. Janet and Bill Beckman. Had a nice visit with them and they said to say HI to everyone.

Now on to dock with the other members of the Star Trek team and wander to points unknown.

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