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Okay, so maybe coming back to Florida wasn't such a good idea - for me anyway. Now that we've been here a few weeks the rest of the family does not want to leave. It doesn't make any sense to me. I think living like a gypsy is fabulous but the rest of the family would prefer to have a home base and take shorter trips from here.

There's not really much point in writing a travel journal if you're not travelling so this will be my last entry. I have been putting it off for a week now. This is the point of no return for me. The last string that ties me to the open road and I am quite heart sore to be cutting it.

I could insist. Trev is so good to me that he would back me if I insisted on continuing but what would be the point. The kids want to be with their friends, enroll in sports and have their own bedrooms. I want to whine about this. I could. I could complain that it's not fair blah, blah, blah but really having 3 months of something is better than having nothing at all...And besides whining would be a sour note to finish on.

So, I choose to be thankful. I am thankful to all of you who have been on this journey with me. Thankful that you read the entries, encouraged me when times were strained, laughed with me when I was idealistic and silly and empathised when I was being just plain stubborn. (Me stubborn, idealistic?)

I am thankful to my fantastic husband who gave us the opportunity to do this trip, he bought the RV, drove the RV, cleaned the RV and then very gracefully helped me land back home without too much of a fuss. He helped school the kids, he ate and prepared vegan food for my sake, he emptied the dump tanks and never once said "I told you so".

I am thankful to my kids who were prepared to go along with this adventure. They left their comfortable homelife and took the leap with us in good faith. They walked through museums and galleries, watched hundreds of hours of documentaries and played educational board games until they were dreaming about them.

My favorite conversation with Tristin: (about his previous teacher)

Me: Why did you work so well for Mrs Carney but you give me such a hard time?

Tristin: Because Mrs Carney actually knew what she was doing!

Two most memorable moments with Elton:

Elton sitting on the bed with a piece of paper taped to his chest declaring that he's on strike. A protest poster taped to the door of the RV says, "Stop the pain, End the RV trip!"

Elton howling in anguish at the prospect of never seeing his brother again when we left Tristin at the gas station, " I can't live without my brother!"

My favorite memory of Shan on the trip: Shan referring to anyone that had upset her "He's just a big, fat meanie pants!"

We have ended the trip but homeschooling goes on and it's time for me to teach.

My love to you all.

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