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49er Village RV Resort - Plymouth, California

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Cindy, Rusty and dog Hank

Robert, Joss, Robby & dog Baylee. Sawyer was shy and didn't want...

Mike, Liz & Brandy ~ Great couple and cute dog!

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Here is Sawyer! I told him that chair was Mel's and he...

Our quest to find out all about living a fulltime RV life style proved to be very interesting. Anyone who finds this to be something they would like to try should do a lot of research before considering. It takes a lot of thought and planning to know exactly what you need to do to prepare yourself for such a life change. First and foremost you have to be o.k. with giving up all your "stuff". What I mean by that is getting rid of all the things you thought you could never, ever live without. All the nick-knacks, dishes, pictures adorning your walls, furniture, etc. The RV does not accommodate all this "stuff" so you need to know what to give to your children, sell at a garage sale, or if you so choose, to store. We chose to give things to our children and grandchildren and sell the rest. That way they will never have to disperse them under a more stressful situation, if you know what I mean. Enough about the "stuff." I think you get the drift.

Surfing the web one evening, I ran onto an article about full time RV people who work at state parks and private facilities in exchange for a site for their RV and a small wage. They are called Workcampers. Looking into it a little further, I found an add for a Customer Service Representative at the 49er RV Resort in Plymouth California. I applied online not thinking I had a chance for an interview, let alone an offer. I did not have experience on the computerized "Campground Manager Program" that was a requirement for hire. But I applied online anyway just for the fun of it. To make a long story shorter, I was offered and accepted a job in exchange for a site and small salary. And I mean a very small salary, like $2.00. ;o). This was to be their first experience hiring a Workcamper. I was the guinea pig. It was fun for me and them, and I enjoyed the people I worked with tremendously. Sue, my manager, has been working there for 28+ years and was just a teenager when she started. Ginger has worked there for 4+ years. They taught me a lot and I am very grateful to them. When it came time to leave it was like leaving family.

We met so many nice people while we were there. Not just the people that work there, as they were all wonderful , but also other folks that live in their RV's fulltime and were passing through, and ones that use there RV as recreation on weekends and vacations.

One couple we met was Cindy & Rusty and there dog Hank. We met them one time when we were at the camp for the weekend. The next time we saw them, Rusty said "hi" to us when we were taking a walk. We said "hi" back as usual as everyone that RV's are very friendly. We did not recognize him until he said, "You probably don't remember me, but I bet you remember my dog "Hank". We did and the joke was on us. They were a great couple and Cindy brought us some warm chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven after we had visited with them in the Jacuzzi one night. That was such a nice treat and shows you the warmth of people you meet in your travels.

We met a great young family that drove into the park one day when we were riding our bikes. We noticed their 5th Wheel was made by the same manufacturer as ours. There are very few Titanium's on the west coast as they are made in eastern Canada. We talked for a minute and told them to come by and see us. This was our introduction to Robert & Josslyn and their two boys, Robby, 7 years old, and Sawyer, 4 years old and, of course, their dog, Baylee. They call themselves the RV Gypsies. They took a year off from their jobs and are traveling the US. Who says you have to wait until you are retired? Joss is road schooling both boys. Robby is in the 1st grade and Sawyer is in Kindergarten. Joss is creating her own curriculum by talking to teachers, research and using the adventures they are having as incentives to learn. We really enjoyed their company and the last night before they left we got together for a cook out with them and another couple, and had an awesome time. Robert had caught some trout so we had a yummy fish feed. They definitely are people we would love to run into again someday.

We also met two other couples in the park. The first couple was Mike & Lis and their dog Brandi. They had just purchased a new trailer and came to the 49er for several days to try it out. They have a home in Grass Valley. What a wonderful couple! Mike is a Real Estate Broker. Lis stays home and keeps Mike on his toes. She is a great lady with an awesome personality. You probably already guessed, 99% of the people that RV has a dog. We are the other 1%, however, that won't be for very long. We have a puppy coming in the spring of 08. The other couple we got acquainted with was Tony & Shirley. They have a dog also, but for the life of me. I cannot remember his name. They live in the bay area and come to the 49er often for the weekend to get out of the busy city. We had fun getting know all of them. All three couples got together at our place on Friday night and had a barbeque, (ribs anyone?) and sat around the fire for hours just talking and getting to know each other. What a way to create new lasting friendships. I know that we will definitely be seeing them again soon.

We had some friends we have known for many years show up at the campground in their Motor home. Kevin and Tracy and their daughter Kate. They were visiting the park with friends for the weekend. How exciting it was to catch up and renew old friendships.

Another very nice couple we met was Larry & Phyllis. They moved into the park and are now annual residents. Phyllis is the 2nd Workcamper they hired. They do not have a dog but I bet they get one soon! It is a requirement!! Not really but you would think so. We will be seeing them again soon.

As you can see, this RV thing is quite the unique lifestyle. You meet new people all the time, and have so much in common that you have to keep in touch. We may not always be able to keep in touch in person, but we can through our travels as RV'rs in common.

The resort itself was very nice. They have two pools and a jacuzzi. They cover the adult pool during the winter months. There is a pool room with 6 pool tables. They have volley ball, horseshoe pits and shuffle board. There are cottages to rent if you don't do the RV thing. They are very nice and less expensive than a hotel room. The amphitheater is used for special events. The rec hall has a huge kitchen and is available for clubs to rent. Very nice facility!!

I had committed my time at the 49er until November 1st. We are done with this adventure with fond memories, seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We were able to explore the area around Plymouth and found out what a rich history the area has. Sutter Creek is just down the road with quaint shops and restaurants. There is also a mine that has tours throughout the year that you can explore. There is Jackson with shopping and a couple of excellent restaurants, and the Jackson Rancheria, if you so chose. The Shenandoah Valley is just up the road from the RV Resort and is becoming the new Napa Valley, noted for its fine wines and beautiful countryside. We saw and experienced so much in the six weeks we were there. We are invited back to the 49er anytime and we may just take them up on it at a later date. That is if I want to work! Maybe??

We are on to new ventures and more lasting memories. Come along with us as we venture out and experience more places and things to do and people to meet. We want to share our experience with you! TLC

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