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Exhausted Baby Elephant Seal

Leaving Crescent City CA behind

Northern California Coast

Aisha gives Paul Bunyan a hand

Boondocking under The Immortal Tree

Monday November 19, 2007

After Grants Pass OR, we headed west towards the coast again and made our way to Crescent City CA where we had an uneventful... oh wait... incredibly stormy night with rain pelting the camper sideways and the wind rocking us back and forth at our beautiful seaside RV park on Highway 101 in Crescent City. Well, we really only came here for the electricity and laundry because it was high time we got some clean clothes. The only saving grace for staying at the campground was the next morning we saw a baby elephant seal who was ashore during low tide. We got to see her up close and take a picture.

Tuesday November 20, 2007

Today we rode all the way from Crescent City to Eureka and then some. We are sitting under The Immortal Tree as I write this, on battery power. We drove so much today and it is getting dark here on the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California. As we pulled into this parking lot which was supposed to take us to our campground, we found that it was either for sale or under construction or something as it was all closed up. We are boondocking in the parking lot of the empty concession stand here until morning. Hopefully we won't be bothering anyone by doing this.

The sign under the Immortal Tree says that it has withstood fire, flood, a lumberjack's axe, and lightning took off the top 50'. It was very cool... a little spooky to be there in such a quiet spot on the Avenue of the Giants, but cool.

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