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Lake Mackenzie

Us at Lake Mackenzie

Our bus on Ninety Mile Beach

A dingo on Ninety Mile Beach

The unexpected gem - Carlo Sandblow

Climbing back up the Sandblow

Little Helen, Big Sky

We left Brisbane on Tuesday and drove up to Rainbow Beach. Only about 1000 people live in the town and it's basically there as a jumping off point to Fraser Island so there wasn't much to see.

On Wednesday we did a day trip to Fraser Island and although it wasn't really long enough it was an excellent day. We left early in the morning to catch the tiny ferry across a small but quite choppy straight to the island, from the ferry we saw dolphins swimming in the channel - very cool. When we arrived on the island it was high tide so we had to drive up the inland track, a very bumpy ride! Once we got onto the beach the sea was literally under the coach and splashing up the windows which meant it really feel like we were in the wilderness!

The rest of the island wasn't very exciting (the trip had to cater for the OAPs!) and it took ages to drive anywhere because the sand is so soft. The highlight of the day was definately Lake McKenzie, a silica sand-lined freshwater lake that looks like a tourist brochure. It was amazing, the water was lovely and warm and we swam around for over an hour; it was one of the best places we've been so far.

On the way back to the ferry it was low tide so we drove along Ninety Mile Beach which by this time was about 50m wide, it was fascinating to see the difference between high and low tides as it looked so different. We stopped at a creek part way along and in the distance we saw a dingo. The driver took us back to have a closer look which was great. We were really lucky to see one, they're a famous part of the island although they were almost removed a few years ago because a couple killed a ten year old boy - scary!

The only low-light was that Rainbow Beach closed down at 8pm. So when we went out for dinner we ended up dining in the pub on beer and crisps - not very nutritious! Rainbow Beach did have one attraction though and it made up for everything else. On a hill overlooking the town the ocean and wind have gradually created the Carlo Sandblow, an amazing sweeping wave of white sand which covers the top of the hill and stretches for about half a kilometre. We had heard a bit about it but weren't really expecting much, we were really taken aback when we reached the end of the path and were confronted with such incredible scenery. There was nobody else there and it felt like the end of a bad apocalyse movie where the survivors emerge after years underground to find the world has changed beyond recognition (or like the bit in Aladdin when he goes to the end of the earth!), it was one of the most captivating places we've been.

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