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Outside our hotel, and electric wire fell off, and was arcing with...

The site of Ghandi'slast walk, murdered on his way to morning prayers.

Near the entrance to the Hotel Miridien at night.

We arrived in Delhi on Monday evening, having traveled through Kuala Lumpur. The KL airport terminal is a modern and well maintained facility - better than most North American airports, and certainly more architecturally interesting.

Delhi, on the other hand, is most like La Guardia in New York 10 years ago. The roads from the airport and around town are congested and under a continual state of maintenance. It wouldn't really matter if they were all fixed, because no one stays in their lanes, and people drive in whatever direction they choose. As in Thailand, you must watch for cars coming from any direction, even on one way streets.

We were both fearful about coming to India. Everything about coming here was difficult - making reservations, arranging travel, and communication even in the most simple terms. We had heard many stories about the beggars, the fraud, the corruption, the hassles at the airport, and the sickness that so many people have experienced. And we were both fearful.

With money, the hassles are eliminated. In India, you can have the finest of the fine, at a reasonable price. We arranged to be met at the airports, we had good guides to stave off the hordes, and we stayed in some beautiful hotels. We are blessed to come from a culture that provides for us in such a comprehensive way. For most people, this is not the case. We have been able to travel, to stay comfortable, and to remain healthy because we have money.

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