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Me in yet another prison cell!!

Breakfast time on Death Row!!!

Ol' Sparky....

And again...

Death House - the execution building. The room is behind the yellow...

Street in Huntsville with the Old Prison Museum - they have new...

Sam Houston - and little me. Shows how big the statue is....

And here it is!!!

The very big statue...a long way up for Steve... reach the top!!!!

We had an early start this morning so that we could arrive in Huntsville by lunchtime and go to the Prison Museum this afternoon. The journey was good and we arrived at midday. Set up and were out in about 20minutes!!! Found the Museum after driving past a huge statue of Sam Houston - he was president of Texas when it was an independent state and then Senator for Texas afterit joined the union.

Anyway...the prison museum was very well done and I really enjoyed it but Steve got spooked by it becuse we saw "Ol' Sparky" the electric chair that was used for executions in Texas between 1924 and 1964. During this time, 361 people were executed on Ol' Sparky.

We watched "The Green Mile" the other night and Steve kept thinking about that.

After the museum we drove to the Prison and saw the actual building where the executions are carried out (see photo in journal) If the prison had a road through it, it would be 13th Street which we thought was a little ironic...."unlucky for some!" Especially the 361 who died on Ol' Sparky!!!!

On the way home, we went to the Sam Houston Statue - the largest statue in America. Some facts for you now...(Can you tell that Steve is writing this with me!!!!)

1. 67 feet tall

2. Weighs 30 tons

3. Each hand is 7 and a half feet long

4. Each ear is 2 and a half feet tall

5. His walking stick was 37 feet tall

So there you go!!! I can't usually remember factual stuff; I am too flaky!!! But I DO remember that it was very big!!!

Oh yes...and there was a rather ugly looking large spider on the wall near where I stood!!! Fact for you (see I can do them) the spider had 8 legs!!!

Flaky? Not me!!!

Home after a trip to Dollar General and a supermarket. Steve got chatting to owner of RV Park who is a Texan Republican!! In other words he wants Texas to become an Independent State again and it is the only state that has the right to do so without permission from Washington so long as there is a democratic majority in Texas alone. He reckons they are nearly there. Who could blame them after 8 years of Bush!!!

Had tea and now we are going to .... do something... that's our theme!!! But what we are not going to do is write any more of this or Steve will get bored and feel the need to share even more facts with you - I like you all too much for that!!!

Off somewhere tomorrow, it is a bit of a mystery tour. We are heading North towards Dallas and we will play it by ear. Apparently all rest areas have WiFi in Texas and you can stay for 24 hours so we might stay at one of those tomorrow night - they have24 hour security as well so we might give it a go - free too!!

That's all for now xxxx

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