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A small shrine area next to the Dazaifu Shrine

The same shrine next to the Dazaifu Shrine

Small japanese girl in traditional close, wondering who this crazy foreign woman...

Eamonn and Samantha at the shrine

View of the changing leaves at the Dazaifu Shrine

An entrance gate near the Dazaifu Shrine

Statues at the Dazaifu Shrine

Eamonn and our driver in masks typical of Fukuoka, spooky looking!

View #1 of Fukuoka from the Fukuoka tower

View #2 of Fukuoka from the Fukuoka tower

Eamonn and Samantha on Fukuoka tower

Eamonn and Samantha on our last day with our cool driver

So our last full day in this beautiful part of Japan. Interesting fact to clear up some confusion. Fukuoka and Hakata are actually basically the same place. The old name of the city is Hakata and the new name is Fukuoka.

We headed to Fukuoka which again was very beautiful and another wonderful sunny day. Our driver bought us a local sweet cake made of red beans. We were a little nervous but actually it was really tasty.

So it was to be our last Shrine to visit in Japan which was very nice and very busy as it was the weekend and lots of kids dressed up in traditional clothing.

In the Dazaifu shrine they had beaufifully kept gardens and it was nice to walk around. You walked to a traditional wooden home again to one room which was the best place to view the changing of the maple leaves, and it was very nice and tranquil. Samantha decided to harrass a poor little Japanese girl for a photo. She was all dressed up but a bit shy and took a bit to warm up to the idea of a photo.

After the shrine we went to the Kyushu National museum which had artifacts from all over Asia. It was a new museum with a very dramatic building. All of the exhibits had English information and were pretty interesting. Unfortunately photography was not allowed.

While we were having lunch in the grounds we got to see a Sumo wrestler which was pretty cool. Unfortunately we found out the the Sumo wrestling tournament was starting the day after we left Japan so we couldn't go.

We also went to the Fukuoka heritage museum which a lot smaller than we expcected but very nice and there where some people demonstrating how the traditional crafts are made. Check out the picture of Eamonn and our guide with the masks, very freaky if you ask me.

From here we went up to the Fukuoka Tower which to me was nicer than Toyko tower and had better views, maybe it was because the weather was so much better. Our driver then left us at the hotel as the tour was finished. It's a pity because he was a great guy and brought us to a lot more places than were on our itinerary so cheers to Oniyama Shoji-San, a top guy!

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