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The gorgeous beach of Nacula at Oarsman Bay

A cute dog we made friends with

A great sunset I was able to get some shots of

Just the clouds....

My beautiful wife enjoying the sunset...

I tried to get the reflection on the ocean...

We have more of these, just wanted to put up a few

The view from our Bure (pronounced Bue-ray) at Oarsman's

Ever seen a tree like this? I haven't. Taken on our way...

The next stop on our journey has been Oarsman Bay resort (lower case r) in the Yasawa (pronounced EE-sow-wa) Island Group on the Island of Nacula (pronounced Nathula). The beach was absolutely picturesque, along with the water as well. I've never been in such warm ocean waters. It took a 4 hour boat ride to get to this northern island in the group, and in some ways it was definitely worth it, but in others, we probably could've picked a better resort to stay at. In fact, by the end of the trip, we thought maybe we had booked one too many nights to stay, and then they ended up informing us that our reservation ended one night earlier than we had thought it did. What happened was that we had made a change with the office but apparently the guy that made the change didn't get it to the office (i guess that happens over here sometimes...), but it ended up working in our favor since we didn't want to stay that extra night anyways. So, we came back to Nadi (pronounced Nandi) and now we are back in the city with a few days to kill because our flight to Samoa doesn't leave until Tuesday night.

The main reason we didn't like Oarsman was because they made us feel like walking Dollar $ign$! They charged for everything, unlike the resort we had just come from, Matava, where they made us feel like welcome guests staying in their home. So we were happy to leave a bit early. Most of the time at Oarsman, we spent reading and sleeping in the hammock outside our Bure and swimming (Laurie went snorkeling a lot, and I really just don't enjoy it that much) in the warm ocean waters.

The food was pretty good, but not as good as Matava, and we enjoyed the meals, sitting and talking with the guests. We met lots of great people, and we hope to keep in touch with them. After dinner on a few nights, we managed to scrape together a poker game which frequently ended with Laurie the victor.

I made the visit to the village at the end of the island, and it was a lot more developed than the one on Kadavu. The school complex was a boarding school where the students from the 3 other villages would sleep and then return home on the weekends. There were several fields for the students to play on in the middle of the complex and bures for the teachers to sleep in during the week, if not the weekend, as well. I saw the Chief's bure, the medical center, and the Church also. The Chief is also the owner/manager of the resort we stayed at. In 2000, a guy from another resort, gave them an interest free loan that ended up being about F$700,000 (about US$400,000) and they repaid it in 6 years, ahead of schedule. This chief is makin money and most of it goes back to his village with some of it going also to the 3 other villages on the island. This village is much more connected to the "western," or industrialized, style of living, though they have tried to keep a certain measure of their own culture.

In the end, we had a great time; the weather was pretty good, though it rained fairly frequently; the beach was beautiful (when not raining); we were able to read a lot, and now we are happy to move on to Samoa where our dollar goes much further and where we have lots of things to see. Can't wait to tell you all about that next country whenever we can!!

Shoot us some messages or emails; we love reading them whenever we get to the internet!

Much Love to all, we miss you!!

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