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San Blas streets

Local Kuna woman

Local woman showing 'mola' artwork

Our hut ... very basic!

Cooking fresh lobster

One monkey meets another

Puna watching the girls travelling to sell molas

The gorgeous kids in our host family

Traditional yacht

Fiona with Umberto, Puna and their family

After setting out from Cartagena on that yacht over 2 weeks earlier we finally made it to our intended destination, the San Blas Islands. These 365 islands stretch approximately 150 kms along the Panama Caribbean coast and only a few of them are inhabited. Although the islands are officially part of Panama they are governed autonomously by the local Kuna people with their own laws etc.

Perhaps the yacht trip stood as an omen as the islands did not live up to their reputation for us. We didn't get to visit any islands other than the tiny one we stayed on and spent alot of time in our dark palm leaf hut for 2 days because of fairly average weather. We also found it hard spending 3 days living in extremely basic conditions, particularly trying to hide behind palm trees because of not even a shelter for a toilet, and having no fresh water. Still it was interesting to meet the local Kuna people and see how they lived, in particular the family we stayed with on their tiny island, Isla Wichudup Dummad. Despite the weather, we still went swimming every day and read books in our hammocks (our beds) in our hut the rest of the time, which was very relaxing. The fresh fish, lobster and coconuts werwe fantastic and helped make up for the basic accommodation.

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