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Lowest point in Death Valley

Jeanne below Sea Level

Salt Flat Steve

View of Badwater from Dante's View

Joshua trees outside of Barstow

Salt Flats at Badwater

Sunset near Barstow

The famous pyramids of Death Valley

We took a side trip to Death Valley today. The weather was nice and sunny (82 degrees). This is a good time of year to visit, as it gets up to the 120's in the summer. Badwater is the place where the lowest point in Death valley is located. If you look closely at photo #2, you can just see the sea level sign at the very top of the picture, 282 ft above Jeanne's head. Dante's View is several thousand feet directly above Badwater, so photo #4 is taken from there, down towards Badwater. Lots of wide open spaces and not much else...There really aren't pyramids in Death Valley, but they sure look like them, don't they?

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