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More scenic shots of sydney for you (sorry i was bored at...

Sydney streets

Can you see the bridge at the end of the st?

View from my 30th floor reception desk

zoomed in version so you can see the "matrix' building on the...

another view from work

night out

Pete and his cousin Daire

Australia day at the harbour


Sky writing


We're no good at these self portraits without emma!

Tennis at the opera house

Government house

Celebrating Australia day


black and white arty shot

can you tell how happy(not) i am at having my pic taken...

view of the fireworks from our balcony


laser lights

Yep everyone gets a day off to celebrate being "australian" i really think this is something that should catch on in Britain...we need an excuse other than 'football' and 'david beckham' to be patriotic!

So Tues night the whole city heads out to the bars to take advantage of not having to get up early the next morning. Pete, Mel & I decided that it would be rude not to join them so we headed off to our old local in Kings cross. (more details on where emma was later!)We had a really good time singing away to the live act and got happily drunk..will put the photos on later. We wandered home at 2am and had a slumber party and sat up most of the night watching movies!!

When Mel & I finally woke up it was to clear blue skies and scorching sun so we decided to head down to the harbour and check out all the free events that were going on. It was packed! There was free tennis lessons, a massive TV screen outside the opera house showing all the games from the australian open, planes were whizzing overhead writing illegible letters in the sky, people were having surf board races in the harbour, everyone was wearing hats, scarves, bags & towels with the australian flag on, boats were competing for the 'best dressed' competition and busily trying to sabotage other entries whilst out on the water, families were picnicking was just complete madness! mel & i decided to escape into the relative quietness of the botanic gardens and we explored it all including being complete tourists and going round 'government house' (aussie version of 10 Downing st). We had a really lovely day just meandering around and just soaking up the atmosphere!

well i did anyway and mel did too, but i bet if you ask her she will say i 'dragged her around' all day doing 'boring' stuff!! dont believe a word of her macho impression, at one point she saw a family of ducks with their little ones and she went proper gooey and was cooing at them for so long that eventually i had to drag her away by her hair!!

after wandering home and checking out our sunburn (yes we know we should have learned by now!) i dashed back out to meet up with my friends from Uni for dinner. Had a lovely japanese meal then went to Darling harbour to have ice cream and watch the firework display. WOW it was amazing, proabably as good as New year just on a slightly smaller scale. But this time we were close enough to hear the music that went with the fireworks and watch the dancers on the screens. it was magical. Pete managed to take a load of pics so i will nick his camera and put the photos on.

So all in all Australia day was a raging success, only trouble was having to go back to work the next day!! boo hoo!

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