The Petryk's Round-The-World Adventure 2007/2008 travel blog

...departure day...last night we all decided to have one last lunch together...Dim Sum at a restaurant across from the West was hard to say "goodbye" and "see you again later".....Barb and I moved from the West Hotel to L'Hotel across the harbour from Kowloon on Hong Kong Island. We went for a walk around Victoria Park and the area next to the Park Lane Hotel, a place where I stayed 18 years ago, the last time I was in Hong Kong and we searched for "Food Street", a neat little street where there were some "fast food" restaurants that served dim sum and the like. The street was still there but it had been remodeled to include higher end shopping and dining. It was disappointing to see how things change....we also made our way to a travel office to make our flight arrangements to Thailand......

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