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Wow - at last a cloud

The pool

Our balcony on top left

"Our" pool

"Charcoal burning everywhere, Rows of houses that are all the same. And no one seems to care"

Actually, that's not entirely fair. Although, in some places, there are some very similar looking, and beige-looking, houses on this vast estate. And, unlike The Monkees' song, there's unlikely to be a rock band practising anywhere given the average age locally and the switch from electric guitars to electric golf carts and drum sets, to golf-bat-sets. (You can tell that we don't quite understand this golf thing, can't you!)

But it is a very pleasant valley, as well as being green and sunny. And the way and pace of life seems almost addictive..... Could stay here a long time just soaking up the warmth and the gentle pace.

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