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Well for my birthday, George got me up and we went to Mather Point here at the Grand Canyon and watched the sun rise over the canyon. The point itself was crowded but we walked up the overlook a bit and were all by ourselves. It was beautiful.

We went back to the campground and George made me a nice breakfast. We then packed up and headed to the Grand Canyon Airport.

We took an airplane ride over the Grand Canyon with AirGrand Canyon. It was an unbelievable sight. I highly recommend an airplane ride over the canyon to anyone who comes here. It was like a postcard. You know how big the Grand Canyon is and you get an idea of how big as you walk around the rim on the ground. However, you do not get the real feel of how huge it is until you see if from the air. It was an unbelievable experience!

We then headed back up Highway 64, through the Grand Canyon, and over to south 89. We decided to take the 35 mile loop scenic drive off South 89 that goes through the Wupatki National Monument and the Sunset Crater National Monument. It was a nice paved road that the motorhome did well on.

First you go through Wupatki National Monument. There are several pueblo ruins along the way. We stopped and took a look at Nalakihu Pueblo and Citadel Pueblo. You can almost picture these families living in the area, participating in their little community, going about their business. Unfortunately, both the video camera and the digital camera died here so we only got one picture of the Nalakihu Pueblo and none of the Citadel.

There were a few other ruins you could look at but it was late and they were down roads we weren't sure we would be able to turn the motorhome around in so we skipped them.

We stopped at the visitor center and checked out the exhibits there. Then, took the .5 mile trail around the Wupatki Pueblo that is located behind the visitor center. It was a huge pueblo - a multi-level high rise. There supposedly were about 100 rooms with a tower, community room, and a ceremonial ballcourt. The rooms are so small though. A whole family would live in these rooms. Hard to believe.

We didn't make it in time to explore the Sunset Crater National Monument. It was too dark.

We continued on and finally stopped at a rest stop on Interstate 40 for the night.

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