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Notice the champagne......Business class is good....

My beautiful wife enjoying some relaxation after the long flight

Some beautiful local flowers at our hotel

Quite an airport; notice the background though...

We finally made it!! The flight was actually quite enjoyable. I could get used to Business Class. Actually, right when we got into the lounge and I saw all the free food and drink, I mentioned that, and Laurie looked at me and said, "It looks like you already are used to it." We both chuckled. Right when we found on our seats on the flight to Fiji, David, our flight attendant, asked if we'd like any Champagne. I responded the only way possible: "That would be lovely, yes, thank you David." And the rest is history......HAHA. Anyway, so our flight to Fiji was so nice that it could've been even longer, a mere 11 eleven hours in the end.

We've found a hotel for the night that's about $30F which is about $17US. You see some photos posted of it. Seeing the landscape from the plane was astounding: just green, lush hills and mountains surrounded by blue skies and waters. Tomorrow we leave for Kadavu and we've learned that our "resort" doesn't get cell service, nor does our resort in the Ysawa islands. So, we've decided not to track down a SIM card, but we may find a cheap calling card. Nonetheless, this journal entry should prove that we've made it safe and sound and in one piece. ;-)

It's about 10:15am on November 7th. We have no idea what time it is in the states. We know it's the 6th though.

The journey's just begun but we wanted to say hi and let you all know that we're here and safe.

Cheers all, much love!

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